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  1. Wow
    Fabr got a reaction from Uch in Warspear Online   
    I recommend not playing if you don't have the money to spend on the game. If you don't, you'll have to farm endlessly for months and even years to make your character reasonably good, and this completely takes the fun out of the game and makes it boring, repetitive and frustrating.
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    Fabr reacted to Raislin in Unbalanced legion?   
    Shamans and druids are still stupid tanky.
    Chieftains are still overtuned, their kit is way too good overall.
    Bladedancers are a bit better now with the PoB changes but resist skill is still stupid, could use some further changes but besides that there isn't anything particularly wrong with it anymore.
    Warlocks are completely useless in everything that isn't 3x3+ players, they need a complete overhaul or devs need to fix how dots work which I've suggested many times to no avail.
    Seekers are still garbage in pvp but I guess its too much asked to give them usable skills from the people who designed Bds resist skill and Rogues high damage ranged stun and a healing damage dealing stun.
    Staff Templars could use some love still, they have nothing of note going for them despite a few changes.
    Deathknights are still kind of bad but its looking a bit better these days. They are a few changes away from being good again.
    Charmer has that one stupid relic but otherwise they are fine.
    Barb still seems a bit strong compared to any other tank but I have no idea how to fix them tbh.
    Wardens remain the most tanky class generally speaking but the current meta is pretty much all about damage so they could use a buff in duration of Power steal or something else. Generally speaking they are fine though.
    Priest/Necro are both as useless in anything that isn't pve.
    Ranger/Hunter are about the same power level, could argue one or the other being better.
    Mages are meh, decent at everything but never the best in anything.
    To me both factions seem to have about the same amount of bs with the exception of warlocks being completely useless most of the time.
    Tanks in general are bad in pve because you don't need one in any current content except maybe Orcinus so there's that. But you cant remove life steal anymore either so there's no easy fix. 
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    Fabr reacted to lore in Unbalanced legion?   
    i agree on your point, one of the problems (this applies HEAVLY to warlock and templar) that by being weaker on the pve side of things they require more work to be effective and level up, while elves.... *looks at p2w seeker, basicaly bladedancer's versatily, warden's armstrong energy(if you are patient enough)* but it isnt said for all legion classes, as example, the charmer makes a joke out of levelling up thanks to their summons.
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    Fabr reacted to Malik Campbell in Unbalanced legion?   
    That's cool, I just want to hear from legion players who thinks their classes are treated unfairly with concrete information. What I heard from someone is that this was a problem spanning years with not much fixes.
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    Fabr got a reaction from lore in Unbalanced legion?   
    I do not think so. Mcs have very strong classes in pvp, but I think they lack a little in pve compared to elves.
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    Fabr got a reaction from Malik Campbell in Unbalanced legion?   
    I do not think so. Mcs have very strong classes in pvp, but I think they lack a little in pve compared to elves.
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    Fabr reacted to God Emerald in Charmers Overpowered Relic "Icy Relic of Cruelty"   
    The people that defending the relic on charmers, are ignoring all facts others stating and focusing that "other classes have more damage than charmer" or whatever low excuse, no matter how many times @vavaviand others are repeating.. they purposely avoid it in sake of maintaining the only thing they can win in game :d 
    their comments look exactly as their chat in world chat, ignoring whatever people say and insisting to what they want others to be convinced. so fun to watch wkwkwk 
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    Fabr reacted to Kyrai in Charmers Overpowered Relic "Icy Relic of Cruelty"   
    Good explanation, you show all the mechanics and the differences of each one, but they do see it only that they do what they do not understand on purpose, because it suits them that a class that is very empowered like the charmer is a destroyer both in pvp and pve
    on other characters it works as it should on the charmer it doesn't
    better read the skills and parameters again before you are focused on armor, I think we should all be reading this

    Energy Regeneration: 84 In combat 42, with Shamans 4/4 Energy Field arounds this isnt a problem, and charmer doesnt need spend skills like stuns is only bird dogs sellect target. Physical Damage Calculator FAKE: 1099 Physical Damage game REAL: 1232 +10 Amplification + Accesories No% Without Buffs Now look this exageration
    Critical Hit: 23.6% + 20% (Ally Staff Charmer for those Shield Charmer) = 43.6% vv Read vv Critical Hit: 23.6% + 25% (Charmer Staff) = 48.6%  
    Accuracy: 25.7% + 35% = 60.7% Max Accu is 50% Penetration: 30.1% + 20% = 50.1% Max is 50% CD 36.7% CD 36.7% + 30% (Shaman Energy Field 4/4) = 66.7%  
    Rage: 37% only need pots for increase this Another dmg method

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    Fabr reacted to vavavi in Charmers Overpowered Relic "Icy Relic of Cruelty"   
    This is just ignoring the whole point either on purpose or by just not understanding. The problem isn't the description, it's how strong the relic is when paired with call. For every other skill that it can be used on, it isn't a problem, whether or not it works exactly as the description says.
    For example, hamstring, you get 3 crits on a low damage bleed skill, that will have a cooldown after. Ok, thats not bad but not broken.
    Druids bees same deal, you get crits on a low dmg DoT skill, once again, decent, not broken.
    Barbarian, same deal, DoT skill. And same goes for hunter and warlock.
    For mages and shamans it is a 1 time aoe nuke. 
    This list goes on for every class, until we arrive at charmer. Instead of it being applied to a one time use skill, it gets applied to a summoned minion, which lingers around, dealing consistent high damage even without crits, and to top it off you can keep 3 of them up permanently. Also this skill happens to be charmers main source of damage, which is now, you guessed it, doubled.
    And this pairing is the problem. Call is a completely different type of skill from every other skill that this relic can be used on. Creating a unique situation where the skill/relic pairing is simply broken and unbalanced. 
    Hopefully this clears up any confusions, and allows you to take part in the conversation with a proper understanding of the problem at hand!
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    Fabr reacted to legolad in Charmers Overpowered Relic "Icy Relic of Cruelty"   
    Well most likely the problem is that charmers skill ”call” is different in mechanic than any other skill that uses this relic. Call can be used whenever to spawn dogs and the exact moment rage is activated they start critting with 100% chance where other classes need to use skill with this relic when rage is already in effect to get the relic working which is how its supposed to work. Charmers are fine as they are just the relic needs adjustment nobody in their right mind would think that giving any class a relic to practically double their damage output is reasonable.
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    Fabr reacted to vavavi in Charmers Overpowered Relic "Icy Relic of Cruelty"   
    20 replies and yet this fact about said relic is being dodged constantly. The same old "but x class does this" or "but person y complained about this before", instead of even trying to address the relic itself.
    It's like having 2,5 bds old POBs active, with no cost. A skill that was widely considered broken and in need of a fix, which it deservingly got. It was almost universally agreed that this change was needed. Why is something over twice as strong not deserving of that same treatment? 
  12. Cool Story
    Fabr reacted to Santa Claus in Charmers Overpowered Relic "Icy Relic of Cruelty"   
    Bd do way more dmg than charmers just bcs u have outdated bds with def books in ur server doesnt change fact that they can do more dmg than charmer in same bosses
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    Fabr reacted to vavavi in Charmers Overpowered Relic "Icy Relic of Cruelty"   
    Charmers are completely fine. They're a nice all around class that can switch builds accordingly. Could even say one of the most balanced and well designed classes.
    The but is a single relic, which to other classes gives a 1 time crit, essentially doubling the whole dmg output of the class. It is in practice the same as getting a 100% dmg boost book.
    Even that could somehow be fine, if it worked the same way for every class. However, only class it does this to is charmer. Same relic which gives hamstring 500 extra dmg, or mages 1 time crit nuke, instantly doubles the whole damage output of a class. A single relic. You can't defend that, its absurd. 
    You can see how absurd it is by nobody even attempting to defend it, instead deflecting the conversation to people "crying" or something else having been busted. 
    I'd love to see anyone come up with an actual argument trying to justify one relic doubling a whole classes damage.
    Even the best books, gears, builds, nothing comes close to what that relic is doing. It is just absurd, and probably something that was overlooked.
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    Fabr reacted to vavavi in On the problem that charmer is so powerful that it destroys the balance of the game   
    Charmers themselves are fine. Don't need any nerfs tbh. What however does deserve a change is a single relic permanently doubling the dmg output of a single class. While functioning completely differently on every other one.
  15. Haha
    Fabr reacted to Slap in Charmers Overpowered Relic "Icy Relic of Cruelty"   
    Cry more
  16. Speechless
    Fabr got a reaction from Malik Campbell in Daily rewards nerfed   
    Daily rewards have been nerfed. Seems like aigrind hates giving things away for free.

  17. Haha
    Fabr got a reaction from Avamanyar in Daily rewards nerfed   
    Daily rewards have been nerfed. Seems like aigrind hates giving things away for free.

  18. Haha
    Fabr got a reaction from Avamanyar in DK is still weak   
    Money+++ 😂
  19. Thanks
    Fabr reacted to Arthas in Craft lvl 32   
    Atualizações de novidades de craft geralmente acontecem no evento da primavera.
    Está próximo
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    Fabr got a reaction from Speedom in Nerf Spirit Of Resistance   
    I don't know where these guys get the idea that spirit of resistance has a lot of resistance...

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    Fabr reacted to lallouss in Paladin banner at war cause lag in the server   
    how come paladin able to use an expert skill after revive but other classes cant? explain that to me please
    same mechanics and same damage exists on other classes, stop camping town with mini warlocks and go attack elf flag
    banner damage exists at legion side also using a 1skill to hit flag aoe or not aoe, state facts abit before complaining that elf has advantage lol there is no advantage here
    ive seen deathkight rouges and barbarians spam life scroll non stop to finish flag, i never complained about it now that paladin doing its broken? sure than ban life scrolls usage in war im fine with that idea but banner mechanics and damage exists in legion side nothing unbalanced about it
    thats the funniest thing i heard in this topic u earned a reaction xd
  22. Thanks
    Fabr got a reaction from lallouss in Paladin banner at war cause lag in the server   
    There were never any bugs. The curse this change because mc players used the curse on an elf and that elf used teleport to receive the city where the flag is and made the curse explode right there on the flag, causing it to fall without even an attack. Yes that was an unfair anti-gaming exploit. The banner is nothing wrong with it. It's working as it should. I don't know why you're comparing a rework of a skill that the mcs used as an exploit with another that is working normally.
  23. Haha
    Fabr reacted to Sigma in Paladin banner at war cause lag in the server   
    the paladin's curse

  24. Confused
    Fabr reacted to Sh0ckboner in Paladin banner at war cause lag in the server   
    Every time the pala revives it does this damage. When a rogue or chief revives it’s normally killed right away. The banner does 600 per tick 6 times and crits over 1k I can use 50 life scroll on my chief and not getting 1 shot off on flag. I can revive many times on rogue and get only a few shots off. Banner is 100% success rate and it’s taking 2-3 palas to take 1 flag in 10-15 minutes. War is now going to be won with paladin and lifescroll. You’re the first one to cry when something isn’t right on MC and you are bias to this. If MC was
    able to revive every time without fail and drop a banner that did damage 100% of the time i would win war solo every time. I can buy 2 mil Ls np. 
    This isn’t about how much some skills can do. 
    This is about using less than 10 set life scroll
    to win war and there’s nothing MC can do. Each banner 4-5-6-7-8k per drop with crits not crit. x 2 palas= flag taken 10-15 minute. We have seen it the past 3 wars  
  25. Haha
    Fabr got a reaction from Sigma in Paladin banner at war cause lag in the server   
    Banner damage in game: 650.
    Forum banner damage: 8k-9k.
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