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  1. Analyzing classes. Legion side has skills in area that make them practically immortal. Let's go! - Shaman: healing totem, damage totem and weakness totem. Both are area skills with no affect on players. I am not complaining about the abilities, but rather that they are unbalanced in relation to the abilities on the Sentinel side, since the classes have limits on players affected by their abilities. Total imbalance. - Warlock: Abilities in the area where they arrest players, in addition to decreasing their defenses, the problem lies in these abilities not having a limit on affected players, too. -Cacique: This class is very strong. Both in pvp and pve combat. They are causing a lot of damage, in addition to trapping in the area, absorbing a lot of damage and being able to heal. Finally, the legion side is gaining significant advantages over skills. In gvg, the Kingdon x Ancestors guild is practically immortal, due to the skills. Since Kingdon players, 70% are pve, while Ancestrais are 100% pvp, and even so Ancestrais has practically no effect on them. This is all due to unbalanced skills on the legion side. Organize, I know it is not so easy, but organize, because it is losing its grace. Thanks!
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