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  1. Ow hi i remember you. Didnt know pupymaster is your charmer. Before I used to play with name kingvenki in 2015 later deleted, that year started again with shaman davenci. I remember rocknroll was my 2nd/3rd guild back in 2015/16 when i was new to ws. I also remember you helped me levelling up along with ganktastic. Ganktastic, bey, cindy, grandpa, kunka, ogull, i remember some of them from rocknroll... Out of all these things mike aka ganktastic (rogue) / Ieatelf (dk) playing ws only for ganking in cave, near cave, just killing any elfs he sees and the trash talks happening between elf and him in wc was one of the best funny sweet memories of that time for me.
  2. Someone pls kil me Ah that was so dumb of me. My bad
  3. I see, update 7.1 sounds like definitely not from the last year my bad. I don't remember seeing any letter with no rewards attached to it as of now. If you don't mind can you show me an example of what it looks like?
  4. A quick question regarding mailbox, I want to know for how long one can keep these chests/rewards received in mailbox. And does it affects the time period of a reward if it is viewed. Last year i remember mailbox feature got updated. Hard to recall but there was a duration added to it if am not wrong. I'd like to know for how long one can keep those rewards in mailbox like for how many days a reward received in mailbox can stay without dissappearing and how many of the rewards/chests one can keep in there mailbox? Also if is there any limit to it?
  5. Ty for bringing the character restoration on the same date like last year. Have been eagerly waiting for this from a longtime.
  6. Is there going to be a new season for battle pass after the update?
  7. Hi, am looking for gold transfer from elfside to mcside in EU server. Gold amount from around 100k - 500k If anyone is interested in transferring let me know Thanks
  8. Venkery

    Indian community

    Are bhai stronti yar bade dino bad. Last time jb dekha Tha tb tum lvl 20 shaman the.
  9. Another thing I forgot to add yesterday. Let's say if you created an account assigned it with gmail and it's a pretty old account with plenty chars on it. Now, Sometime ago you decided to delete the gmail account itself for some reason now you are left with a game account which has no gmail account. And in game you are still able to open the account with that registered email and Passward. How far will it go? Like there is no gmail assigned to it for any kind of account recovery, so if there is something keeping the account alive then it is the email and Passward only. Is it safe to play with such accounts which has no backup? Is there any chance of these accounts being removed in future by devs? What do you think?
  10. Hi, i have few questions on my mind on character restoration. I believe experienced players who restored their chars would know and have even more knowledge about it. so my question is what happens when you restore a character... What happens to that character's achievements does it all go back to 0? what happens to the character's equipped items do we get it back with character restoration or are they lost? what happens to the character's gold, items and costumes in bag do we get it back with character restoration or are they lost? what happens to the character's craft progress will it be still there after restoration or lost? also if anyone could tell me when will there be a discount on character restoration i used to think it comes in with warspear anniversary in june but if am wrong do let me know. Idk if these questions belongs to QnA thread or in support. Move it if necessary thanks
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