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  1. As we can see in the videos above, the guy used PVE equipments without amplification. In my opinion there's nothing wrong with the [email protected] VID-20210527-WA0064.mp4 VID-20210527-WA0063.mp4
  2. I fully agree with you!! we see that shaman has always been a forgotten class! 7 years that shaman game I have never seen administrators, developers and others complain about the class even because there is nothing to be done. What we can see is just the leader of his guild creating a strategy to strengthen his guild against his enemies however in the past years creating a strategy to put several wizards in the guild to strengthen as well and so they managed to dominate the server and all guilds sentinels did the same thing. The shaman's question is just the same thing the mistake is not in the skiils, it is not in the class but because there are many shamans on the server and the leader with his strategy of putting many shamans and chiefs and so it was strengthening us, Kingdom doing something what a level 12 guild NEVER DID !! if the leader who owns the above-mentioned topic and devised this strategy today a guild would be OP as in the past everyone said !!! so my view is that there is no need for balancing on which side sentries have better classes and can come up with it too, this is just a cry for a forgotten class, they are recovered by a FORGOTTEN class who do not accept the DEFEAT and call for nerf. Aaah and this is just a proof that elves are extremely buffed because nobody asks for this right? a blade dancer soloing mermem with his 100% resist
  3. if we think about nerf shaman, nerf both sides, templar with those stun, visor with that shield anyway, stop being hypocritical ... He couldn't stand losing on one side and he's not crying on the other ... only good class in the mcs need it !!!
  4. KKKKKKKKKKKK ta sabendo legal vc em , chora y chora
  5. Meu filho , cria as estratégia de vcs e parem e choro , vao querer balancear o que ai ?? Xama ja ta lascado em tudo, em pve , em skiil que nao tem um stun , unica coisa boa que tem é os totem e o heal foi nerfado !! Templário com stuns ate talo e vc ta aqui reclamando por um totem ?? Pelo amor de Deus né PATRIOTA!!!
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