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  1. Well most likely the problem is that charmers skill ”call” is different in mechanic than any other skill that uses this relic. Call can be used whenever to spawn dogs and the exact moment rage is activated they start critting with 100% chance where other classes need to use skill with this relic when rage is already in effect to get the relic working which is how its supposed to work. Charmers are fine as they are just the relic needs adjustment nobody in their right mind would think that giving any class a relic to practically double their damage output is reasonable.
  2. Maybe those guilds arent worthy of capturing castle Weaks dont deserve greatness
  3. Bds always had dmg properties and besides they were nerfed last skill balance anyway. You would need a very op bd to do 10k crits with autos. Only place i imagine thats possible is in underwater. Seekers is pure dmg class it doesnt have any strongsides in pvp or arena. But charmer dealing same or more dmg than these dmg classes while being able to heal himself and others boost defencive properties and dmg stats as well at the same time. Just seems a bit absurd to me
  4. Hybrid? I would be 100% fine with charmer doing same dmg as bds do if it wasnt for the fact that it can spawn 3 dogs to do it for them give same kind of properties to all classes that can summon minions then. Templars druids necros. And the relic is supposed to grant crit to skill when its used after rage is activated not like its working for dogs now. Now you can spawn 3 dogs and dont have rage on and after your rage activates it grants crit to dogs and thats pretty much permanent. I think they should make it 1 crit for each spawned dog under the effect rage. Or just remove the relic entirely from the skill
  5. Ye except that charmer is not supposed to be a dmg class its supposed to be support. Now its dealing more dmg than fully buffed and booked chars with +10 lvl 32 weapons. Doesnt sound very balanced to me but ofc if i look it thrue my mc glasses its amazing one char can do it all what do we need hunters,rogues,locks,chiefs for anyway we have charmers.
  6. I agree with every point topic maker made just to disagree with @Higgings
  7. People just cry about allies between elfs and mc because they cant beat them For example not alot of guilds have beaten phalanx yinyang alliance and in us server all mc and elf guilds ally vs mercs. And as i recall Reborn (mc) has or had alliance with future (elf) veterans (elf) and peacesouls (elf) to beat alliance between yinyang and phalanx.
  8. legolad


    Uhm this is not a bug or glitch. Up and left win is so called gentlemans agreement in eu server. In arena you are supposed to fight for wins not just wait for up spawn when you demand into 3v3 or 5v5. So when you get 100 times down spawn in arena its not a glitch or bug its just very bad luck thats all.
  9. Good point didnt think of that✌
  10. Just get something with crit and pene since u are the most op class in ws u dont need much more then that And for bosses max sap, basic dmg skill, and 3/5 parry, experts pob max and maybe sonic boom
  11. Best build is lvl 26 nadir sets boots and armor with pene as second armor bonus and helmet, gloves with second bonus of cooldown. Try to maximise speed crit and pene then get axes which have accuracy and crit. Then aim for vamp as high as u can get it. With tht and correct skills u will not die even without dodge in dungeons
  12. Why does it have yellow name indicating that it would be mcoin item.
  13. Dear vlaconan of eu emerald we have been putting up with your insults and comments about every player that can beat you, but the only thing here what you dont seem to be understanding is that you my dear vla is the problem. You bring negativity to the server make people help you, force them to help you. Only one in here needs to calm down and start to use their brains just a littlebit more is you. And this is not an insult this is provable facts and suggestion to this player in question. You need to find a way the game isnt supposed to be designed to fit one player or one class. Its supposed to be like that you are not fit to kill some players of specific classes.
  14. I am quite dumbfounded with this you want barbarians to have healing skill while they have highest dmg skills of all tanks? And also yes warden heals too but its based on wardens hp and how much block he has for this heal to activate. Yes dk also have "healing" skill but this skill is based on dks hp regen not max hp or magic dmg like every other HEALING SKILL in the game. And you already have combat fury which increases your dmg for certain period of time but also restores hp based on your max hp and lvl of the skill and since you have 7.7k hp it heals you 2k isnt that enough with the absurd amount of stun time and dmg skills u have?
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