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  1. Agreed i would understand this change if it would have been implemented at the start of the game but honestly this game started at 2009 and gm start changing skillbar mechanics and stuff now is kind of bizarre and in my opinion stupid decision because u could have just added another 2slots to the old one. Macewinduh has spoken. :sadpanda:
  2. Basically rogue needs either max vamp,dmg and fero and high pene or dodge alot of dodge
  3. legolad

    Buff flurry of steel

    Stealth 5/5 + 40% longer effect and max CD lets bombard them bds while beign invisible am i right
  4. Well i have used 1960signs on my barb lvl 18 mace to get it from +9 to +10. Ok it sucks but i choose to try it ofc it sucks when u drop 200-300€ on one mace but you choose to do so. I managed to amp my rogues arena axes lvl 23 both +10 with about 51sets to +9 and 9sets to get both +10 so crying about the % of AMP rates is useless its all about luck. You can either go +10 with one set from +0 or you might need to use more signs and spheres but at the end if the day you were the one who choose to amp so accept then risk and carry on.
  5. Here is the screenshot where i have marked parts where i think he is being racist.
  6. In game i met this player named shirshu who was beign racist and supporting what Hitler did and calling gay people sick because of their sexual orientation. If need proves i have screenshots of chat. Please Daria notice this because I think this is very important thing to keep out of the game.
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