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    xodaggerox reacted to Tamer Ismail in Many Trade And Share Accounts for Arena   
    i love drama 
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    xodaggerox reacted to SageofWarspear in Many Trade And Share Accounts for Arena   
    Huyenthoai is not only that ...
    They are guild full of scammers (Tankasf, rle etc.) , Full of liars and cheaters. It is fine if you side with mc but this is not ok ...
    I too have been cheated by them ... Just recently in my Guild Pernicious 2 members who appeared to be kicked from Huyen has joined pernicious ... our leader believed they were good even ignoring my warning of never to trust Huyens ... and look what they have done ... They took advantage of the free tickets spam and took all arena tickets and pots and returned to huyen .. all planned deceit .
    I am happy someone got the evidences of them and brought it too light but it falls short of what they really do ... 
    They scam cheat lie and backstab ... all in the name of Heroasasin ... Using the advantage they block and completely try to dominate arena using multi logs etc. 
    Best form of coruption in warspear ...
    Lol ... having other accs of their friends banned ... and they dont care how dirty and evil their ways are as long as they get what they want.
    I know forums is not supposed to say bad or abusive words against them so I am holding my anger and disgust to the many they scammed and cheated even my close friends.
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    xodaggerox got a reaction from Tamer Ismail in Many Trade And Share Accounts for Arena   
    Hello, I think you should be made aware of What’s going on in our server. Many in Guild HUYENTHOIA are trading and sharing to get a advantage and it’s just not fair 😓 Makes me feel like I’m getting bullied...Here’s my proof.
    Bad people doing illegal business:
    make the game fair again....


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    xodaggerox got a reaction from Itachifire in Top Elves Overall   
    Ok So This List Will Show The Top Elves From The Surveys I Have Collected From A Select Few Of "Pro's". Also, leave the Bad Mouthing off this Topic. If you Have Someone you think should be on here then say it, but this List Is Going Off Of STRONGEST  ,SMARTEST  , AND MOST ACTIVE   In each Class. So BE RESPECTFUL FOR GODS SAKE.
    Sharpnarut Zeusxelie Sweetmandy Dinosour Unitas Sleepers: Pvprimus
    Kickexgunx MrVendetta Hihinice Critcee Scarpa Sleeper:Partynao 
    ( Pvpxikillu is #1 but he work on DK atm.  )
    Blakpriest Mjiljcp Wtfl Mrhobbos Davika Sleeper: Behappy 
    Physik Empirior Jezdecsz Fronkiiing Fredxboltz Sleeper: Amplitude & Neelu
    Skynete Shankx Riskitx Drizzz Kingtezzzz Sleeper: Sexytwerk (Not Active)
    Balzo Nessah Thuyth Zthanchetz/Znicez Artezy(That Kid Is Strong For Some Reason)  
    Shinyballz(Literally a Sleeper )
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    xodaggerox reacted to nabnecro in Top Elves Overall   
    Mrskrillex should be on BDs list.
    All priests listed there are way too weak.
    Rest of the list seens ok.
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    xodaggerox reacted to Sharpnarut in Top Elves Overall   
    The people you all are stating arnt active enough to be listed.
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