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  1. :D lol bro agreed hope we dont get nerf to the point till everyone jumps over to elf etc to kick our asses lol i just hafta hope dks dont get a nerf... poor mc will die out and elfs win war lol. Victory to elves yay!! :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: the game should not be called warspear if that were to happen. Plus once warlocks arent threats anymore they will destroy another class mark my words your best class from mc might be next on the complaint list
  2. Wrong. what you wrote thats called being a noob. plus OP/overpowered means to have alot of power or damage which i dont have but... i still own. What does that make me? Plus without amped item rogues, bds, rangers, would rape my lock no problem. Make a new word, OP is the ultimate complaint towards a class. Plus to think of it... mc classes get nerfed so much idk how we still cope and get loads of complaints, give us a break.
  3. Both his dk and barb are scary although his barb is a bit weak he knows how to use it properly. I always fear seeing that name in red right next to me but sadly he left. Zythus is legendary.
  4. I really dont understand... why you guys complaining about locks? If you lose to a lock its your fault not thiers if they are too powerful then +1 to them. Us warlocks hafta spend great loads of gold and money dto beat the crap outta you elves. I have a lock lvl 14 spent 300k gold to get full 13 warlock armor after months of finding the wep is only amped to +4 no armor is amped or anything, but i still own (a little) my circle is only lvl 1 people who die from my warlock cant pvp cuz imma noob. Tbh i get killed by any ranger easily they dont need skill they can flick half your life away and once they are low on health they run like headless chickens. So the point im making anyone can be OP if they work hard get loads of gold and you can be like those OP warlocks you alway complain about... tbh havent they been nerfed enough already? Cmon... :facepalm: cut us some slack.
  5. Ahem ahem... So... Nobody has heard of hamstring? :facepalm: once you get hit by that cant move then ranger takes away a quarter of your health. Bd stops you from using skills and ranger traps so dragging and stunning useless as now you should have 1/4 life left until then its all over. So... Rangers still arent strong? If your in a pt vsing a ranger and bd... No chance and look at the arena ratings Atleast 80% of the top 10 are rangers or bd... :facepalm: Keep making excuses rangers.
  6. Luong or tatarada doing a nice 700 crit to my dk... Dam! :facepalm: thats good damage for a lvl 10.
  7. Hehe im a lvl 9 pvp dk and i use sword and shield. Everyone tells me to use spear which i dont like using although its powerful... I still own spear users anyway. What i did was increase crit and all the other defensive stuff such as dodge block and resilence. But im still weak cuz most of my armor is amp +1 etc but with the dodge stats etc after every 4 hits i take its either i dodge block etc so im ok so far.
  8. what should i use skill points on bro? My thorn is lvl 5 atm... Everything else level one.
  9. i can buy spear but better tactic with 1 sword. My arena partner uses spaer so im the tanker so i take the front line taking as much and dealing damage too whilst im tanking my partner deals alot of damage as she uses spear so i make sure im attacke instead of her or else we lose... So... Still thing i should buy spear bro? :friends:
  10. ever since my acc got hacked i tried making a another dk (i dont know why) i leveled up to nine and thought i cant be bothered to level up anymore so... i use it for pvp. and im asking now is it good enough for now? i have a good pvp partner and im rank 28 so far, having challenges with higher ranked elves that usually kick my ass... sometimes, i will try to amp the rest of my armor and sword later so just tell me how am i now? and gimme some tips on armor and pvp etc. cmon... help a brother out. :drinks:
  11. And sorry for mistakes wrote on phone...
  12. Lolyan noe has my account and hacked my friend's and sold it... Thanks for the help and support that i got by this you guys are so helpful... :facepalm:this game is going downg down the drain hole fast so when you devs are busy counting your cash this game will die out faster than you spand your money... All i asked was to get rid of this hacker and have account back. So much for good customer service thanks alot :facepalm:
  13. My account... Still hacked. And noone bothers to reply or help? Well i guess thats my account gone forever... Warspear is a great game but when you let hackers and scammers teal things freely it kinda makes me wonder why people still play tbh. I need to ask... Has anyone ever been hacked before? Dont be afraid to answer... Just please say.
  14. Welk i know now people can actually hack into accounts and change password ^^ so you could have been banning accounts when its not their fault they lose account. Anyway the person who hacked me is lolyan and is using my level 16 dk gmeddis... Photo evidence ;D ;D
  15. Gm/devs i need to ask is there a way for scammers to go onto other accounts without knowing password? Because just right now my acc password has been changed and only i know my frikin password what is happening?? Am i getting hacked or something? Or is it you guys? Only i know my password and now its changed what the hell!
  16. Sorry for mistakes etc etc wrote on phone, my phone sucks :bad: :facepalm:
  17. Ok just keep with me people... My idea is to help balance out pvp thus maybe the 1v1 idea can contribute to this. By ratings rank the more rating the better rank you get and by rank i meant things like: recruit after 200 ratings or marshal after 100000 ratings there can be loads for us to make so just go ahead and contribute. By balancing you could put marshal vs marshal in pvp recruit vs recruit or marshal and recruit vs marshal and recruit etc so now you payers are going to hafta use skill to win pvp not just instakill everything you see... Maybe some of will disagree i dont know maybe it could be a good challange to you payers or OP people. By the 1v1payers vsing payers can get good arena points because if 1v1was to come... It would be huge with dozens trying it and this isnt the end... How about a ratings talent tree? Which goes up to level 20 so npw you dont spend points on only armor but talents now like speed increase, attack increase for a certain skill etc... This is what can seperate pros from newbs thus giving non-payers chances to maybe... Be a challenge to payers (i know payers will definate disagree now) so... This is my suggestions also the rating ranks can be positioned above your name maybe in a different colour.
  18. How about books and orbs for one handed healers and mages etc.. Orbs gives good parry, block, dodge etc etc to druids shaman etc etc books can give nice crit damage like 10% (just an example) seeing as though one hand weak having good crit to will make up to having a weak weapon plus with one hand wep having a good attack speed with crits battle will be in your favor. But then you need a down sude to this... Just lower thier health a bit or lower thier defense and they will get good defense if they have an orb. As for rangers having dual crossbow ill have that as a skin or something it would not be right to go into nadir and and get instakilled by rangers doing more than 3k crits think about how how powerful lower levels would be like a lvl 14 killing some sort of shaman thats a level 17 with zealots etc. Would just be too crazy. You should e thinking about making classes likebdk stronger cause to me... That is the weakest class so far.
  19. I have 2 good ideas for good skills. Garahans rage: (passive after life force below 50%) attack speed increased drastically, walks/run faster to catch those annoying runners before you die plus your skills cost no mana to use. Cyanite wings (passive for that shield move that dks have) if you use that wing move and your life force falls bellow 35% how about 5% of your health is regenerated for 0.5 seconds and lasts for 10 seconds very useful in a 5v5 situation... Your dk can last a little bit more time which could turn the match around. More passive can be added to make a skill tree personalising your character more like someone said before (forgot your name).
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