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  1. i think there should be a lore explaining how the hell does this mill work. where does the water come from? what makes the mill even work? i assume the land is tilted, so it flows south, as we can see it flow out of the sky. but again, where does the water come from? will it ever run out in the future? is this the never ending water source?
  2. yeah no, you guys don't even understand what you are doing with dk. give me premission to make changes and i'll fix dk in 10 minutes
  3. this might sound stupid, but what's the use of secret reserves buff if you also buffed saturation? i mean now dk's will have a lot of lifesteal, will secret reserves ever activate and go on cooldown?
  4. hell no. leave saturation the way it is. why the hell does the whole pt need lifesteal anyway?
  5. this skill is bugged as hell. have it at 4/4, sometimes i notice that it still takes hp even though my hp is lower than 50%. how am i suppose to know when i can activate it without losing hp? it says lower than 50%, so i assume it's lower than 50%, but apparently, that isn't the case. aigrind, please fix.
  6. just make blood protection toggle-able. no use of lowering the cooldown. it will consume constant energy but give damage reduction.
  7. Anything below 4/4 is pain in the arse to calculate, especially with constantly changing HP. It would be better with indicator or something.
  8. will there be an indication for when the saturation skill can be applied without health cost?
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