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  1. totem problem and heal 1500 every 2s for 14s and a Great periodic cure that becomes infinite if you have 70% cooldown you can rotate several totem poles in the area without any effort
  2. Guarda devia ter habilidade de tirar 70% da defesa do inimigo em área
  3. put the video in 9 minutes. full of Cacique on top of the globe. dropped as if we have nothing. it makes a big difference. if you keep watching the video. in the end the elf guild did not knock down the last pillar because of Globo. that only works against elf. against the MCs themselves, it doesn't work. you can see what the intention was to hold them in the middle with a globe. it seemed that there was no globe. pay attention that all of them are on top of the globe. globe picks up at 5 meters
  4. ok, I got it. what game is going to do regarding the Magic Globe guild skill. skills is not working against chief. for your 1k dmg physical and magical dmg. where favors side legion. this is harming many elf guild during GVG battle
  5. is the information that the game itself offers
  6. Shamam has no limit on healing. totem cure never take nerf Shamam has no limit on healing. totem cure never take nerf Dev 2020
  7. game itself gave this information in the topic of beginners
  8. I who ask you, do not know your own class that plays
  9. Ok Totem shaman heal anyone in the area, with no limits whatsoever. 100% effective
  10. Lock skill does lose 80% of its defense
  11. explorer dies easy before he can hit the Pillars. this would make the skills more useful in gvg and wars have any better ideas?
  12. nobody talks about the effect of the magic globe, which doesn’t work against the chief
  13. * I want to highlight the specific "healing totem" ability of the shaman, where he heals several people regardless of having another totem doing this work, thus accumulating healings one after the other that ends up being difficult to play against because they succeed keep "the whole guild" with absurd support * _A suggestion would be to put the same mechanics as the Templar's "Statue of deity" ability, leaving a "Buff" on the target where he will receive healing from only a Totem for as long as the ability lasts ..._ * And also put the guild ability "Magic globe of the
  14. are getting off topic. comment nothing to do with the topic
  15. totem shaman and more efficient than the priest's healing ability. periodic healing goes on healing for a long time, heals 1000 every 2 seconds, skills lasts in the area 14 seconds having time to recharge again and use again. xama class has the ability to increase cooldown. and with that totem reloads fast healing in the priest's area. will heal once every 40s
  16. periodic healing will always be more effective lasts 12 seconds and heals 1000
  17. you are saying things that have nothing to do with topic
  18. so I couldn't understand what is happening
  19. did you read what i said? I quoted debuff and group buffs, ally are talking about other skills. no need
  20. in terms of area cure. sentinels are also behind. totem do xama is more efficient when it comes to area healing. area curing on the sentinel side, are not periodic. fails to last 0.5%. redemption just to use 1x and charge in 40s Templar healing depends on being able to stun, so you can activate your healing. 1000 Druid heals 1x and charges 24 sec. totem of the legi
  21. * Buff elf side in group * *Priest* * Aura of value * Increases the group's physical and magic damage *Paladin* * Aura of light * Increases increases healing for the whole group * Defense of light * Increases defense for everyone in the group
  22. I did a survey. legion wins in this regard too * Buff side MC in group * *Shaman* * Tribal tirual * Increases attack speed and critical damage for the entire group. * Energy field * Increases energy regeneration, The rate of energy regeneration, Increases cooldown time for the entire group. * Power of darkness * Increases the group's whole hp for some time. *Chief* * Pack power * Increases resistance of the whole group. * N
  23. legion contains 10 debuff skills where it takes defense, damage, penetration, area accuracy. joining with the totem cure. this leaves you immortal within an area of 3 meters. to debuff in the area. large-scale resistance only. priest would be the solution. more this with nerf in the redemption. only manages to debuff only 6 people in the area. redemption recharge and 40s elf side has only 2 debuff. takes precision and dmg in area for a few seconds. ability to take damage in an area only lasts 4 seconds. limit of 6 people. ability to take pre
  24. If you use castle pot 60% + 15% increase in castle skill 75% cure increase. and you send video with these fans.
  25. we are simply reporting how much efficiency the totems have within the game. and what's going on.
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