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  1. @Holmes buggy skill. connection passing a lot of damage, and ends up hitting kill everyone. this skill is passing up to stun and debuff. connection gets relic debuff pass. what logic to take debuff and stun to 10 meters?
  2. read what is written in the topic I gave my opinion I wanted to know yours
  3. thanks for the idea of opening topic about it
  4. I'm just answering everyone's questions. for the reason of not using redemption Thank you for your help
  5. many are talking, because redemption is not used. there is no way to use the skills because of the weakness zone, dark circle and other skills that lock the weakness zone takes away 80% of the defense it facilitates. the necromancer's ability to be effective and take maximum damage
  6. we have nothing to hide, we can make several repeated videos, the way everyone wants
  7. if you want another video with everyone Full pvp, without a costume. with all the pvp in the guild. showing 1 by 1 in the video with set. we have nothing to hide
  8. your information is incorrect. if you want to send mage's pvp too
  9. necromancer and all +6. everything that was in the area. was puffed with resil skills and full set pvp
  10. watch the videos we made and leave your opinion
  11. both full PVP +8 to 10 1 necromancer doing this with 10 people. a lot of people died in this video VID-20210527-WA0069.mp4 VID-20210527-WA0046.mp4
  12. magician does not have a pve capable of performing these exploits in the video. it took a lot of nerf. has no resistance to deal with the damage of the monster and the boss. mage depends on vampirism to be able to withstand so much damage suffered mage was nerfed because he was able to do a lot of solo stuff, i take several nerfs that now do almost nothing in pve. game launched a better and superior class than the wizard who does everything and better. tank better than class paladin, barbarian, guard, death knight
  13. elf side has no defensive ability. where it can strip 80% or by 1% of the enemy's area defense. most debuff skills are on single target people have to understand, what are in great evidence are skills in the area. skills you can change, towards the battles GVG AND WAR
  14. it shouldn't have been removed. this helped the mage in pve and pvp a lot. mage has become useless. weak in pve weak in PVP
  15. before skill could stun because of the stun crystals and Halloween staff. about 1 year ago a certain person asked to remove this possibility of stunning
  16. Aura of fire; he must again have a chance to stun enemies. I don't know why the game removed this chance to stun now don't take the fire aura
  17. want to compare the ability of the warlock that silences everything in the area for 12s and takes 80% of the enemy's defense? totally unusual skills
  18. the idea of this post is very useful, Nolan if you read the topic mands figurinha Feedback
  19. this debuff takes away 80% of the magic defense, this is very unusual, isn't it ?? 80% and a lot.
  20. this debuff takes away 80% of the magic defense, this is very unusual, isn't it ?? 80% and a lot.
  21. I am waiting for this great balance. that the game speaks so much. it has to be something fair
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