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  1. As i see lock zone work only on magic def not on resil
  2. U need to be lucky do pull this out Others too and that give u 100% silence (if it isnt resisted)
  3. I mean putting 3 points on saturation doesnt give u much value as the skill will make u lose hp ,i would rather go for vamp relic than waste 40k on saturation . Relics that can give up to 15% vamp without any cost and last 10 sec or skill that can make u lose hp and require 3 points As i said it looks good on paper but have u tried it in game ? Area is small,skill can be resisted,u cant control it and u need to wait untill fire start dealing dmg. In pve scenarios its ok skill but if u go in pvp scenario ppl just move away i mean skill on 4/4 need 7 sec to start do dmg and after
  4. Dk is outdated class that need some love. I m looking for change bcs dk right now doesnt give much value in any scenario . If this was game of chess dk would be pawn. So lets start discussion Dk as tank: Dk was great tank back in 2017-2018 but noe its not even close of being "good". Many ppl hope for defansive buff but we just got magic dmg that doesn help at all and saturation that doesnt cost hp after u lose certain amount of hp. If u compare dks defensive skill to some others there is a huge difference. Dk have blood protection that last for 8 sec on max lvl. 8 sec!!!! Th
  5. This bonus was bad at start of the game and even now nothing changed. Why would u put hp rune that gives points same as lvl of item over vamp rune that gives u much more back or why would u use items with hp regen and sacrifice other better bonuses. There are 18 classes with over 200 skills and only 1 work with this bonus . This bonus doesnt have any value in any scenario even with some hp regen pots and scrolls . I have dk with 300+ hp regen and i dont see difference when im in pvp or pve . For others classes than dk its useless . I think that this need rework like it got smaller delay and d
  6. Why does secret reserves cd doesnt reset in arena,castle or after any spawn. After u spawn it just feel like u lost ur skill points for 120 secs .That doesnt make sense to me
  7. But dk is still outdated tank i wanted something like defensive buff
  8. My man u mention only 2 classes from mc side and then 3 from elf. And what do u want every bd to attack 1.4k in pvp and its just in case if u are vs barb and sham which is fair imo. And also u wont go solo on them
  9. #buffdk (this isnt buff) As i know dk is tank not aoe dmg ,idk if u guys want to make aoe dmg of dk why u dont add new char to forsaken i dont see a point switching to new build that u need a lot of gold to make it work , as i said i dont see any buff in this update dk deserve tank skills .what do i have of that dmg if i cant be best dmg and whaf do i have of outdated tank skills that are only good for old and new lab
  10. I rated thorn 3/5 in pvp bcs its basic skill that all chars have , its not good but its not bad Dark shield i rated 4/5 i know that u need to have it 5/5 but still need some extra boost bcs its forgoten And yes knight curse is good skill and i agree with u u cant depend on 1 skill that u dont have control of it(i mean u need to understand game and play smart when u use it bcs ur life can depend on it). I used it before and i think that it can be used in some mixed version with phy and magic dmg
  11. This is just my opinion about skills: Thorn of Death: 3/5 pve 3/5 pvp nothing special to say about this skill Exhalation of Darkness:3/5 pve 4/5 pvp Reson for 4/5 on pvp for this skill is because it takes time to stun enemy and can be dodged/blocked... Provocation:3/5pve 1/5 pvp Nothing to say about this skill Threads of Darkness:1/5 pve 2.5/5pvp Only skill that helps dk vs ranged enemies and still have big cd Dark Shield:4/5 pve 4/5 pvp this skill is good but could be
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