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  1. isn't too much hastle if i do that in every fight?I mean paladin has only 1 passive and rest are activated skills not like others like seeker and ranger
  2. but i preferred the activation than permanent because of my relics
  3. Pls bring back the Paladin's Light Aura into an active skill, active relics on the skill is now useless specially my Terrible Relic of Vampirism, Magic Relic of Oppression, and Relic of Exclusive Defense. Paladin's Light Aura does not consume much mana.
  4. Is 4mb/s no enough for this game? So much screen delays
  5. Nope i didn't i just stay at the corner as you see and afk when i came back my character is dead and the damage inflicted still continue
  6. Is this supposed to happen? I died without any mobs hitting me, but theres is a continuous damage. Pls help.........
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