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  1. Do you guys realize that the costume will be edited before they add it to the miracle shop? I believe the contest is not about all being professional graphic designers, but being creative and giving ideas. As you can see, some of the works aren't even pixelized.. just sketches. Yes, he may have copied one of the costumes and didn't give any credits to the authors, but still. As it was said, everyone has his own opinion. Some costumes are liked by many but disliked by twice as many. Anyways, here is my suggestion. Developers could make a vote for a costume (among the winners) to be added, if the players really want that (cause they are the ones who are eventually going to pay for the costume).
  2. Hey guys, you may want to check the new reworked design of my costume. Tell me if you like it. Thanks you.
  3. An astronaut sent from Earth to explore new worlds. But he has no idea what enemies he will have to face on his way. Is he gonna make it back to his planet? Let the jorney begin. The astronaut has a white suit with a big helmet (that looks a bit like a TV) and a tiny anthena on the top. His backpack, where he can store items, is attached on his back. The backpack also tanks supply oxygen for the astronaut to breathe and provides him a protection, i.e. it's very important for his survival. Edit: I've changed the backpack, the helmet's shape and few more details. I decided to keep the previous design aswell since I like its backpack. I'll let you guys choose which one is better. Still have some stuff to touch before the costume is finished. Feel free to comment. I can accept constructive criticism (as a tool for improvement).
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