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  1. Can you create an arena mode with these PvP monsters? Its taking too long to start the match even in weekends unless we join those win/lose parties.
  2. If daggers are the obvious winners, how come still a vast majority of PvE rogues still pick dual axes?
  3. I don't want rogues to get any more aoe but the frenzy should be a constant mana draining skill increasing critical damage or even physical damage.
  4. That's all I wanted to know. Thank you so much!
  5. Ty. Do you know if it is affected by resilience?
  6. 1) Does resilience affect it? Good for PvE only? 2) Does the penetration stat have an inverse effect on piercing? How does having more penetration affect piercing? 3)Will there be possible buffs to this stat in future or is it perfect as it is?
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