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  1. just give rogue new skill . remove Dodge skill . give us shield like bd . u seriously disappointed us .
  2. Roland god sake plz repair our rogue Dodge skill . u can gve 2 Dodge . increase little time.it's not fair . bcz of Dodge it work . u seriously seriously ruin our reflex Dodge rogue skill forever . I got 1 Dodge in 30 min . my skill active . I got 10 attack n 1 Dodge in skill active time . wat the hell is this
  3. dev u seriously seriously ruin our reflex Dodge rogue skill forever . I got 1 Dodge in 30 min . my skill active . I got 10 attack n 1 Dodge in skill active time . wat the hell is this . listen rogue invisible skill super op . just change . whn no 1 in the area thn it active . whn mob n elf come in area it disabled rogue invisible skill . shame on u guys .
  4. admin why you have spoiled rogue Dodge skill completely . my skill 4/4 n Dodge 22.8% . I got just 1 Dodge in 1 hr . 2 sec skill effect over . We give so much time n money make our char lvl 28 . you just a sec spoiled our char . why u dnt gve parry to bd shield . it's super op skill . y u close ur eyes . why u dnt less bd axe demage . common just give me new skill n delete reflex skill forever . take back ur skill game me back our 40 k gold . animal got 20 Dodge in Btw . thanks for spoil our rogue .
  5. Atkeast game should give full demage to other hand weapon to rogue . rogue hve 2 , 3 expert skills useless n kick in the back skill worst n no one use much . y game not gve extra power to rogue . Ranger hve so much attack n skills . he hve powerful blessing . even 5 , 6 shot in 1 times.
  6. Game should give heavy gear to rogue and give full demage to 2 axe too . or make bd attack less becoz he hve high def . game not fair with mc . rogue gouge easily caught by elf's . game must fair with mc .
  7. I dnt have any problem with banner. Just make shaman totem hit all enemy with critical every hits no dodge . U can sell totem 10 gold each in shop . Hehehehe
  8. Bro game is not stuck in new map 4 . But it auto exit in 2 , 3 crossing . But i done 3 quest hahahaha . I was wondering half map . U can visit now .
  9. Symbian ph doesnot support so much big mb games . Atleast warspear doing great job for make symbian game version for us . Even nokia is not making any new symbian ph and games . First ws game was 27 k mb . New version is 36 k mb . It wil gve problem to symbian users . Plz login out ur char with pc and android from new map .
  10. It was same problem in my symbian ph . I had login in android ph and i m out from the new map . Plz dnt play new map in symbian . It crashes many locations .
  11. Using symbian bro . I was doing 2 yellow quest in Ayvondil Map . i went inside . i always auto out n game close every time i open my shaman . i m playing in tournment . they wil remove if i wil not gve 2 k gp today . plz correct bug . fast bro .
  12. Dev plz make shaman can use 2 staff in 2 hands . And make shaman shield expert skill critical damage always . And skill cool down 40 sec . Make shaman earth shield changd as necro or priest shield . i dnt mind if u can change in my shaman only hehehehe .
  13. In Tower yellow quest only 1 , or may be 2 member wil get quest drop not all 5 members . Go n kill again make sure other 4 already done havoc then u wil get 100 % .
  14. My symbian ph game is not opening ? Some 1 stil playing in symbian ? .
  15. Oh i hve 1600 cc hehehe that means i m in richest cc coins . But i think resilence is best . So i need 2 k cc unique bestest cc costume . That will worth my 2000 cc hardwork . Game think abt it lol .
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