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  1. 1. cc costume also equipping ??? 2. dungeon low level dungeon hve quest,or any level can enter it?? thanks
  2. barbarian can still charge when they got by root, this is bug or not ?? i think it was bug
  3. i lost my guild, not online for ++10 days , give back my guild pls see an history of guild my guild *pirate*
  4. after u make new expert skill,then if many ppl say unbalance,U WILL FIX IT ????? ok then fix rogue jump skill,almost deal 2k damage,and now, u give new attack skill to rogue again,then when all race got active skill,WHY MAGE GOT PASSIVE SKILL???? its balance ???
  5. head = using crown its mean king XD cloack = 'arena logo' king of arena xD :crazy: :crazy:
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