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  1. I think 24h would be too long, suppose there is a yearly event like horror circus and therefore there are daily gvg type events, if a player wants to take part of this event he will have to use his pvp skill build, but if he then wants to engage in spam dg he will have to make use of his pve skill build, therefore, if he has to wait 24h for the skill build tab change he won't be able to change his skill build to pvp again for the next gvg event and the purpose of this tool is precisely to give the player the freedom to get involved in both pvp and pve content.
  2. Greetings developers and readers! in the following post I would like to propose an idea that would certainly be innovative and would make every player's gaming experience more enjoyable. The proposal basically consists of adding a new skill build tab, which would allow each player to switch between 2 skill build options as they find more convenient in the situation they're in, this is a problem that players who are dedicated to both pvp and pve content usually have, the inconvenience that generates the fact of having to constantly change skill builds. However, in order not to abuse this tool and not to completely eliminate the effectiveness of the item "book of oblivion", certain conditions would be implemented, such as the ones I'm going to propose below: -The change of each player's skill building tab consists of a cooldown, i.e. the player will have to wait a certain amount of time for his tab to be changed (the amount of time would be a decision of the developers, but I propose it to be 30 minutes). -Both tabs will have a fixed skill development and to reestablish them it will be necessary to make use of the item "book of oblivion" (or an amount of miracle coins), just like now. -In case the player prefers, he/she will have the option to use the "book of oblivion" item (or an amount of miracle coins) to restore his/her skills, so it won't be necessary to wait for the time determined for the change of the skill building tab. That's all! I would like to read your opinions and proposals that may complement this idea, thank you very much for your attention!
  3. The objetive of this topic is to propose a change to the option "unbind". I've played Warspear for 6 years and new updates are constantly being introduced to the game and some of these updates bring with them new levels of equipment that makes it necessary to change equipment, however, the "unbind" option is only available with miracle coins and this generates an exclusion to the players who don't use this resource, due to this it's preferable to keep your equipament since not being able to unbind them makes it simply not worth changing it. I propose a new mechanic in the option to unbind, make a new item with which you can unbind a piece of your equipment, the cost of this item would be the same cost of the unbind currently but with the difference that this can be exchanged between players like any other miracle coins item. Another alternative would be the option to unbind the equipment with some other type of currency other than the miracle coins, such as the crimson coridum with the NPC in charge of repairing equipment. I hope my propose reaches the developers, so that we can make the game more fun and dynamic for everyone.
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