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  1. So, years ago i was left in charge of guild ( Oblivious ), the one who made it is Skitzer ( haven't seen him online for ages ).

    For past years i was rarely online, since i don't play this game any more, anyways when i was online another guy that i knew

    for years asked me for guild leader. He's known as LordBasil ( known for sharing his Acc info with other people ), he told me that

    he don't share his info anymore. Apparently i was stupid enough to believe him and try guess what, he got scammed along with the

    guild. I don't try to blame anyone for my stupidity trusting the guy that i knew for years, i just saying that if you want to join that guild

    you should know how it ended up where it is right now. Any proof? Yes i will add picture from 2014. ( 2014-01-17 ).





    Symbian s60v5, Nokia 5800 also crashing by the way.





    delete warspear file from ur nokia, than try to isntall it again. that happened for me when before i tried to ubdate it. actually from all my experence most warspear crashing on symbian.

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