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  1. Hello,i just want to add some suggestion for warlock skills because it's underrated class and weak class compare to mage..feel free to agree or disagree with my suggestions! Thank you. Astral dimension (mobility/aoe) - Active - 5 yard. - Teleport to an area, deal magic damage in a certain radius and leave a mark of doom. if any spell cast on a doom marked target it will heal the warlock. Demon skin (defensive/pvp/pve) - Active - Self cast - The warlock enchanted with demon skin which double his physical and magical defense. Deadly seal (defensive/pvp/pve) - Active - 4 yards. - The warlock learn a forgotten seal that cause immobilize / stun /silence skills are impossible to resist/dodge for 1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds. From Oblivion (defensive/pve) - Passive -180/150/130/90sec -When the warlock are dead , The warlock reborn and rise , gaining a max health and mana and their all stats are weakened for -18/-14/-12/-10% for 20/17/15/13 seconds. - can't work on arena. Dark cosmic (aoe) - Active -The warlock deal damage to the sorrounding radius with magical damage and with some chance leave a mark of doom.
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