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  1. hello abc *hi* xxboyxx lvl20 rouge main cha wenmor lvl20 dk xboyxx lvl20 necro xxxboy lvl20 shaman
  2. may i know ABC stands for? something like alpha beta charlie:) im just curious hehe
  3. no one voting for me:(..please even single vote is really appreciated xD haha
  4. hello guys... my main cha is rogue named "xxboyxx"w/c deals with stat dmg of 548 that may lead to fast quest for gp..im every day online with a minimum of 5 hours a day. at the moment I know the guild is full.im just here to try if ever theres an inactive player which is tend to replace them and hope im the lucky guy to replace it:) hehe. thanks guys and more power!!!
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