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  1. Lol what a chilled answer, but nothing real. An answer like 10 mins or so would make more sense
  2. This is really frustrating!!!!!!!!! I spend now 18 Seekers and played DG23 nearly every day many times on several chars. Wasted tons of pots, minions, powerups, repairs, time, ..... Killed many, many times the big 750k bosses and did not get a single drop (Except cookies and ginger shit). I am nearby to stop this stupid shit which really makes no fun like this
  3. die anfangsquests gibt es nicht mehr für höhere stufen. ist bei MC auch so
  4. 20 Minutes are over. Ok in Warspear it will be 40 Mins O:-)
  5. On MC side maybe you forgot to ask helg and the sailman to have the quests on ayvondil :crazy:
  6. My suggestion would be Necromage with good knowledge and top equip :diablo:
  7. The time is nearly over. I hope it will not last longer than 2 hours :search:
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