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  1. "Hey, I'm being killed, WTF?!" "Hey, the enemy is not killing me, WTF?!"
  2. So far dude, your contribution to these forums in the last days has been to insult others. Take a chill pill, play something else if you're getting annoyed or just stop insulting people. It's not good spreading negativity. You have the right to be angry, just don't throw it at others.
  3. I just started recently as well, so if you need a noob friend and you play on Eu-Emerald - Sentinels, just add me! IGN: Rekar Best of luck!
  4. But aren't you supposed to be the Sentinel's worst nightmare?
  5. I mean... I'm a fairly new player and I've been killed 6 times near the level 12 dungeon on the event island. I knew about these risks when I started playing, why would I get mad about something that is one of the main features of the game?
  6. I was trying to "Slay" but I ended up "Slaing" Should say "Assassin-robber slayed"
  7. Thanks! I'm gonna take notes of that build hahahah Luckily I still haven't created my Pally so I still haven't wasted any skill points lol
  8. AIGRIND: "Hey, here's some seasonal content and new things! " PLAYERS: "GIVE SKILLS PLS " (All this looks amazing, looking forward to it!) (Also, let's not get offended by what I said okay? okay.)
  9. What server are you playing on and what faction are you part of? If you're on EU and you are a Firstborn we can be friends PS: I started playing just a few days ago I'm not a pro
  10. Alright thanks for the tips! I'll focus on questing and leveling for now then. Ahhhhhhh got it! I really couldn't understand how it worked lol Is this the amount it reduces the accuracy of the enemy? THANKS GUYS!! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING
  11. Hey guys how are you all? I'm looking for tips on Warden builds, equips, etc. I recently reached level 10 and i've seen a few people have pink equips or equips way better than mine. I'm currently just using the ones I get from quests, as I've read I should only buy equips at level 18-20. Is that the best way to go? Also, I can now craft and I was wondering WHEN should I start focusing on crafting. I'm a super casual player, so if this is something that takes a lot of focus and time, maybe I should just leave it aside for now? Another small question: I still can't understand how the skill Punishment works. It says it reduces the enemy's accuracy to 0, but when I use it, it seems to have no effect. Can anyone help me out on this? Thanks for your time guys - hope to see you in game!
  12. Just as I thought lol Thanks for the feedback! I am definitely going to create a Paladin and try it out! Do you have any tips or build suggestions? I love tanking and being support, but I'm open to anything honestly
  13. Hey there guys! So, I'm a fairly new player, only started a few days ago. I love this game so far and the community I created a Warden and so far I really like it and I'm having a lot of fun with it! (my main reason for playing any class) I was wondering how different the Paladin is and if, in terms of FUN, is actually better than the Warden? I don't really care about who has the better damage or who is the most popular class (I am keeping the Warden as my main character, but I also wish to create a Paladin as I do love big hammers and holy things.) Thank you guys!
  14. I'm glad this post is getting a lot of "love" for the Wardens Also, in case anyone wants to add me in game, my ign is Recar I'm a super casual player - only about 4-6h a week and I'm offline on weekends because I have a life hahahaha
  15. I mean, who doesn't like obsidian blocks right? Without them, you can't reach Hell Guess I'll have to see that for myself then hahaha I like making my own builds... let's see where that takes me lol
  16. Hahaha nice! So far Warden looks like the right class for me
  17. Cool! Well, I usually don't pick classes because they are cool or popular I pick the class I like the most Thanks for the feedback!
  18. Ohhh okay! Got it Thanks for the reply. Hope to see you all in game sometime
  19. Hey guys! Just started playing Warspear and I'm currently looking for tips to help me through this game Also, I would like to know how many Wardens there are. They seem to be unpopular. I'm a Warden/Firstborn btw
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