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  1. "Hey, I'm being killed, WTF?!" "Hey, the enemy is not killing me, WTF?!"
  2. So far dude, your contribution to these forums in the last days has been to insult others. Take a chill pill, play something else if you're getting annoyed or just stop insulting people. It's not good spreading negativity. You have the right to be angry, just don't throw it at others.
  3. I just started recently as well, so if you need a noob friend and you play on Eu-Emerald - Sentinels, just add me! IGN: Rekar Best of luck!
  4. But aren't you supposed to be the Sentinel's worst nightmare?
  5. I mean... I'm a fairly new player and I've been killed 6 times near the level 12 dungeon on the event island. I knew about these risks when I started playing, why would I get mad about something that is one of the main features of the game?
  6. I was trying to "Slay" but I ended up "Slaing" Should say "Assassin-robber slayed"
  7. Thanks! I'm gonna take notes of that build hahahah Luckily I still haven't created my Pally so I still haven't wasted any skill points lol
  8. AIGRIND: "Hey, here's some seasonal content and new things! " PLAYERS: "GIVE SKILLS PLS " (All this looks amazing, looking forward to it!) (Also, let's not get offended by what I said okay? okay.)
  9. You're putting so much effort and thought into this that I really hope it comes true. Keep it up man! This is looking hella good!
  10. First of all, RUDE! ๐Ÿ˜ข (I play WD) Second, I totally agree with you, and the fact that you are picking up on the lore makes this class even more appealing ๐Ÿ˜„ If I may ask, what would be its weakness/weaknesses? Would it behave badly against Archers or would it have a hard time killing a Mage, etc.
  11. If it has Dragon in the name I'm in! Edit: This seems like a really fun class tbh. From what I've read so far it seems like it would be fun as well! I do love the use of spears as it seems like a wep that not many people use (although I am fairly new to the game and haven't left the first map lol). Hell yeah!! Dragon spirits!
  12. What server are you playing on and what faction are you part of? If you're on EU and you are a Firstborn we can be friends PS: I started playing just a few days ago I'm not a pro
  13. Alright thanks for the tips! I'll focus on questing and leveling for now then. Ahhhhhhh got it! I really couldn't understand how it worked lol Is this the amount it reduces the accuracy of the enemy? THANKS GUYS!! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING
  14. Hey guys how are you all? I'm looking for tips on Warden builds, equips, etc. I recently reached level 10 and i've seen a few people have pink equips or equips way better than mine. I'm currently just using the ones I get from quests, as I've read I should only buy equips at level 18-20. Is that the best way to go? Also, I can now craft and I was wondering WHEN should I start focusing on crafting. I'm a super casual player, so if this is something that takes a lot of focus and time, maybe I should just leave it aside for now? Another small question: I still can't understand h
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