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  1. Hello there, brave warriors of Arinar and moderators of this forum, I am a new player in this game! I started playing with the release of version 9.0.0 and I must say, I am quite pleased with the new classes added to the game - it really made me stick to the game so far (some of the mechanics are very cool and others got huge potential); despite of my really bad in-game community experience. However, during my two weeks of joining this game, I have been highly shocked by noticing a certain few really, really striking out things that are most probably violating every single community rule that is present in most other e-sports. As a part of a large community, I would love to really bring attention of the administration to all these occurrences and hope for a big action to be taken to improve in-game experience for all. I am quite confident in my analysis that all the players engaging in such activities in the game, are well-educated grown up adults who know very well that their actions are not correct and they won't behave like this in their real lives. Please allow me to connect with someone with such an authority in real time, right here in this post. I'm feeling highly disgusted with the behavior of a certain section of the community, I am seeing in game and it is slowing eroding the wonderful experience I have had so far (with respect to the game design, class design and quest design). I am a PvE mindset player, but I am really looking forward to discussing all these issues like a proper business professional (with all the evidence I have gathered). I humbly request the entire community to speak and talk like normal human adults, like how you would speak in office and kindly leave out all the explicit stuff such as abuses, bad words, and so on. I would really, really appreciate it! PS: I'm an adult and a full-time professional DevOps engineer in real life, and I have played a lot of other MMOs before - they definitely lacked a lot of the bad things I mentioned above. Let's keep the comments section professional and abuse-free, pretty please? (A humble request to the forum moderators, please do approve of my post! I really wish to see a change beginning towards a positive direction so that new players like me also enjoy the game without facing any abusive language of any sort, or discrimination from anyone in the game.) Peace!
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