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  1. 18 hours ago, Paulo Vinicius said:

    Do you suggest more survival for a class that is already protected under the debuff and healing totem of the shaman? As you can see in the image, Lock is in the background and hardly becomes a target. I think that even if I accept this suggestion in a biased way it can lead to an imbalance...


    I dare say that even out of the front lines and with shamas and their totems the Warlock will still die 

  2. Hello brave warriors, I come to talk about another class, this time the shaman, my current active account. In my view there is not much that can be done in relation to the shaman, he is a great class in all aspects, being dispensable only for the game's PvE, but to solve this problem a balance would not be enough, I believe that all the content The game's PvE deserves a buff, since mobs, tws and the like for tanks and supports to reemerge from the ashes, but that's a subject for another topic. I'm bringing 3 suggestions for changes to the class, so let's go.


    1- Earth Protection

    This change would be simple, make the group skill, that's right, the earth protection currently can easily be applied to the full group, but you should go buffing your allies 1 to 1, which makes the skill more tiring, and losing your potential. I suggest that for each level a random ally is benefited in the shaman's group, I'll bring some examples here.
    Ability 1/5 - It would only apply to the selected target, but it would still have the same effect time and % buff that it is today just like the other levels.
    Ability 2/5 - Apply the effect to both the target and a random member in the party prioritizing those without the buff.
    Ability 3/5 - Would apply to the target plus 2 random allies in the party.
    Ability 4/5 - Would apply to target plus 3 random party members.
    Ability 5/5 - Would apply to target and all party members, always renewing everyone's effect when applied to target.


    2- Fire Totem



    This change would be a little more worked, my suggestion would be that the totem was an area, but with a different mechanics that made it sustainable, it is undeniable that the great power of this skill is its high damage target, but in GvG battles or with many mobs it is not it's as viable as that. my suggestion would be to put an area damage distribution effect as well as the paladin's ability, but that only activates if the shaman uses earthquakes on the targets, so it would give us the option to decide whether it would be target or area, bringing the ability then for group battles, because the great advantage would be the flaming effect if applied in the area, for shamans who focused on the critical attack attribute it would be of great offensive help.


    3- Shamanic Cleansing

    In this case my suggestion would be to add resistance to the skill, as it has a low duration which is similar to several resistance abilities we have in the game, nowadays the shaman removes the ally's debuffs but soon after the ally is debuffed again , with the application of a resist this would be avoided for a few seconds.


    What do you think of my suggestions? Is there anything that needs to be added?


  3. On 10/22/2021 at 11:02 AM, Josiel Sousa said:

    A skill de rato tem se demonstrado bem fútil em batalha, então recomendo colocar stun em cara ataque do rato de 0,5s ou colocar um parâmetro de atraso.

    O resto das habilidades creio que já esteja balanceadas e bem feitas.

    Imagino que se ao usar o rato ele aplicasse lentidão ao inimigo no mesmo nível da velocidade do rato seria interessante, assim o dano do rato acompanharia o alvo na mesma velocidade.

  4. 50 minutes ago, Kaesarz said:

    1: How is that?, add movement while the skill reduces the movement? I didn't understand xd


    2: I would say that it is better to add a total of 3 stack of stone skin After finishing the stony body effect, gives you a chance to resist a little


    3: hmmm when the warlock reaches a certain amount of life points (20% for example) he automatically uses stone body? Doesn't this make you lose the target? 

    1. It would be more or less a copy of the templar's ability lol.

    2. It's also a good possibility.


    3. The intention would not be that the stone was automatic, but some skills were used together with it as a form of support, for example with the area at your feet the melee enemy would not be able to control it without using your resist.

  5. Hello brave warriors, I'm bringing you suggestions regarding a class I really like, Warlock. This class is one of the most amazing group control, which plays an important role in various types of content within PvP. Having only 1 weakness very easy to be exploited, in the case of its survival, the Warlock is an extremely fragile class, where only a resister can end his combo and make him die, he only has stone as a means of escape, but the enemy can simply wait for you with their control selected, to use the lock as soon as possible. So I come here to bring you 2 suggestions that can change both your PvP and your PvE that is also harmed due to this weakness.


    Suggestion 1 - Changing the Dark Seal


    Images of the skill as it currently works.

    1. It would be interesting to have a passive that could even be used as a replacement for the black seal, it would have the function of applying a shield on the Warlock similar to the mage's barrier for each resisted stun, thus giving the class one more chance to survive, it could have one cd of course but in a way that Warlock could still exploit it.


    2. Another possible change to the black seal would be to leave it as an area skill, as if it were a seal summoned on the ground, very macabre I would say, its effect would be to apply a damage reduction to all enemies that were inside the seal area, however this reduction would only be active for damage directed to the Warlock, if the enemy leaves the seal the effect would be removed, in addition to this effect the warlock could recover a % of the damage done by his arrow of darkness to the targets inside of the seal.

    Hey, which Seal change did you find most interesting?

    Suggestion 2 - Change in the Stone Body


    Images of the skill as it currently works.

    Well the skill of petreo is really a lifesaver for Warlock, but it has some flaws that have always been pointed out by players, a change that was of great help in this skill was the option to leave it anytime you wanted, but it is still a problem, your healing has a dependency on Warlock's hp, which is a kind of interesting mechanic within PvP, but Warlock is still vulnerable when leaving the stone, so I have 3 possible changes here.


    1. Gain of mobility
    That's right, simply add movement to the Warlock while under stone, with the same limitation as the Templar, where it would be slowed.


    2. Completely change the mechanics of the stone
    In this case my suggestion would be to turn it into a kind of armor that reduces the damage done to the Warlock by some %, I let your imagination act, but let's say it was 20%, but the Warlock would still receive a cure when the stone was used, it would make it a little more resistant.


    3. Self-defense system
    In this case it would be to add a passive where the Warlock could trigger a self-defense system where the stone could apply the zone skill around itself to prevent melee classes from catching the Warlock in its moment of weakness, I believe this option is a little more complicated lol.

    Which of these 3 did you find the most viable?

    Well, I believe we all agree that Warlock's only problem is its lack of survival, so what other improvements would be more needed than increasing its survival kit?



    This post was made using google translator.

  6. Ótimas sugestão, realmente algumas coisas necessitam de atualizações, a loja cc de evento está mais viável do que a loja de cc padrão do game, poderia por exemplo trazer novos baus a coridons, equipamentos mais fortes entre outras coisas.


    As builds multiplas foram tão pedidas, eu esperava que fossem lançados nessa última atualização, já que faria todo sentido ja que o foco da att foram habilidades, más ainda tenho esperanças de que um dia virá, assim como as lives da T4 foram modificadas como todos os jogadores pediam ^^

  7. great idea, reminds me a lot of manga I've read, I think it would be interesting also if each floor of the tower provided a considerable amount of drop gold according to the difficulty of the mob, so that it would be profitable to free players even if they didn't have enough strength to getting to the more advanced floors, since not every endgame player is +8-10, would be a way for them not to leave their hands empty, throwing their key away.


    This idea opens the door to a lot of new mechanics within the game, I hope admins pay attention to that.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Shanalotta said:

    Все люди разные, кто-то сделал это на эмоциях, кто-то хотел уйти из игры, не хватало силы воли и он воспользовался вайпом, но через некоторое время передумал. У кого-то может вообще украли и вайпнули перса (да, знаю, в 99% случаев эти люди сами виноваты). Сама я ни одного перса ни разу не вайпала ибо просто не вижу в этом смысла. Я про другое речь веду. В большинстве игр ушедшего игрока всячески заманивают назад, предлагают всяческие подарки и бонусы за возвращение, так как игра заинтересована в возвращении игрока, в нашем случае доната, так как восстановление тут платное, за донат, а тут получается вместо подарков и прочих заманух вернувшегося игрока лишают части того что у него было.

    Я считаю, что есть и другие способы привлечь старых игроков, большинство из них, в свою очередь, привлекаются новыми функциями, новыми классами, самим событием Хэллоуина, я считаю, что эта текущая механика предназначена для удержания игроков, чтобы они сохранили своих персонажей, потому что даже если они остановятся, что смысл удаления вашей учетной записи? Если она навсегда застрянет, возможно, игра даже попытается создать ощущение нового старта для тех, кто возвращается, чтобы отыграть ее снова и снова. Исследуйте места, в которых вы давно не были.

    Я использую переводчик, многие вещи, которые я говорю, могут не иметь смысла, но я пытаюсь, хахаха

  9. 43 minutes ago, Darkdogyy said:

    А штраф на посещение захвата замка так же удаляется при удаление и восстановление персонажа?

    У меня тоже есть это сомнение, но, честно говоря, я предпочитаю не тестировать, хахаха, но я считаю, что да, штраф должен быть снят, но я пока не могу сказать наверняка.


    3 minutes ago, Shanalotta said:

    Ну это понятно, лично я и не удаляю, но все же. Мне кажется отмена потери ачив дала бы больше мотивации для кого-то вернуться в игру, игре то это только на пользу. Может кто подумает вернуться, а потом вспомнит про ачивы и решит ну его нафиг снова их бить.) Абуз вроде никакой не возможен, так в чем смысл такого "наказания".)

    Я считаю, что этот человек должен много подумать, прежде чем удалять свою учетную запись.

  11. 1 hour ago, Nolan said:

    Nessa atualização, não. 


    Não estou muito certo do que você quer dizer :huh:

    Não posso entrar no jogo no momento para printar, mas existe um npc em frente ao castelo da T5 M4 que está bloqueando a passagem de uma casa, que não permite a entrada de jogadores, possivelmente eu confundi o nome que ele diz, mas é aquele npc

    Estou curioso desde a chegada da T5 em relação aquilo, todos achávamos que quem pegasse o castelo poderia entrar lá, mas nem sequer é liberado uma pista quando se tem a posse do castelo.


  12. 10 hours ago, Fabr said:

    But the necro doesn't need to use 2 skills. one necro can use a connection, and the other uses an infection, spreading the infection. In this case it is easier to do the combo than to heal, since with many necros they can place the connection on several targets and then spread the infection, and the priest can only use redemption in a small area.

    But then it also applies to the priest. Kkkkk It could have several priests, while one stunned the other could be removing the effects, and on the infection, it has a limit of area to be explored, it would not spread to everyone, but in case this would take a while, as the connection doesn’t explode instantly, the 1/4 takes 8s to explode.

  13. 15 minutes ago, Fabr said:

    Redemption is the only option to remove the massive effect of the necro's connection, from allies. It is possible to remove the effect using redemption, and I can use it, but what if I can't? Let's think I'm a priest, in the middle of a gxg, with my guild. And then we found an enemy guild and went into combat. Redemption is ready to be used, but what if I fall into the enemy's stuns? There are many ways for me to fall into stuns, these types of battles involve a lot of area control skills, and if I get hit by them, I'm already dead. But let's also suppose that I escape this. I see my allies being hit by many things, I will not wait for some necro to use fateful connection and only after I use redemption. At this point, I will no longer be able to use redemption again, and a necro can use fateful connection freely. And even if I have a chance to use it, the allies affected by fateful connections will not stand still, using redemption on them will be difficult, even more so to hit everyone. So there is no way to be able to use it effectively.

    So thinking the same goes for the combo itself, because it depends on the same things as redemption, even the area of effect is the same, the necro can also suffer from stun before using it, after all it is a combo, I would say that it is much simpler to use 1 skill, than just 2 in this sense, right? whereas one of them needs a target.

    Battlefield possibilities do not negate the effectiveness of other abilities that remove debuffs, they simply make them more difficult, but this is not an exclusive case of redemption.

  14. 1 minute ago, Fabr said:

    The video is to show the fateful connection and infection combo, not to show if redemption is effective. But yes, redemption works but it's not as easy as you think when it comes to gxg.

    But how do I know if the combo is really strong if something is not used against it? The topic makes it clear that it is strong, but why is it strong? Is it possible to be damaged? if not, why?

    There is a lack of information in this case, it is simple for me to bring loose examples and say that it is very strong, it is necessary to go deeper, think about solutions and why these solutions would work or not.

  15. 1 hour ago, Fabr said:

    It is easy to say that "a priest has redemption" and a problem solved. it's the same thing as someone saying that the chief has a lot of damage and then someone saying that "guard has stealing power" if redemption was the solution, no one would go to the forum.

    In the videos that were brought here on the topic, none of the Priests used redemption to show how effective it would be, it is logical to think about the use of the skill, but why is redemption not feasible in your opinion?

  16. 3 minutes ago, Dono da verdade said:

    I'm just answering everyone's questions. for the reason of not using redemption


    Thank you for your help

    But including the zone is something vast, it could be a chain effect that doesn’t come to the topic, wizards may be silenced by the priest’s ability to silence in area and not use their zone, however the necro and the priest can be considered as opposite classes of factions, but similar in power.

    2 minutes ago, Dono da verdade said:

    thanks for the idea of opening topic about it

    For nothing, I will be there to see you, it would be interesting to comment on the subject.

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