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  1. Yes, Touch of Truth is a very good Ability, however its mechanics must be changed so that the Character can also cast it in a selected area. And it doesn't compare with the Necromancer's Panic Ability, because the two have different functions. For example, Panic's Ability is just for you to use it when an Enemy comes close to you and so using it can make the enemy get away from your character. About the Templar's healing skills, they are good but are not that effective for massive combat. Compared to the Skills of the Shaman who has a Healing Totem that will restore the lives of se
  2. The Second Touch of Truth Skill Option would also be better than it currently is, but it would have to have a range of 5-6 meters. About your Idea of the Deity Statue, I found it very interesting, it would be very useful for every sentinel faction that will help a lot to balance the combat of the Faction Wars and the Guild vs Guild event, because the Legion side currently has a Dmg, stun and Heals very high in area. I hope that one of these ideas reaches the administrator and is put into practice.
  3. Hello, I bring here two Ideas for Improvement of Expert Skill "Touch of Truth" and "Statue of Deity" of the Templar class. - TOUCH OF THE TRUTH The Skill would have two functions. If the Templar is using Shield and Mace, the Skill would come out under the character, just like it is currently. And if the Templar was using Staff it would have a Radius of distance between (4-5 meters) where you could select the area to be used the Skill. Thus, making this Ability more useful in Faction Wars and Guild vs. Guild Battles. It would just be a change of mechanics that I believe would a
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