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    PureSex got a reaction from Jcbreff in A suggestion of useful or even necessary changes - Necromancer   
    This is the best way to use this skill  
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    PureSex got a reaction from Khrone in [2021.03.14] Testing the update 9.3: Secrets of the School of Magic. Stage I   
    proposes to add experience potions to greatly facilitate the comfort of testing skills. 
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    PureSex reacted to Holmes in [2021.03.14] Testing the update 9.3: Secrets of the School of Magic. Stage I   
    It will need to test everything, including the event 
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    PureSex reacted to coldravens in [2021.03.11] Warspear Online Update 9.3: Preview. Part I   
    also death solder skill, all summons got buffed expect necros skeletons they need some love too
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    PureSex reacted to necrotp1 in [2021.03.11] Warspear Online Update 9.3: Preview. Part I   
    Kkkkkkkk wow... You do you realize that what you saying is contradictory and proving other guys point right? Shaman+brb? Thats a specific combination and so sentinels have theirs too, bd+druid for example but ho look... Bd full resist full dmg and very good control +druid heal and heal and heal and heal and ho, here is a shield... that heals (5 heals if you didn't noticed ) and lots lots and lots of control. And by the way these 2 (and others) have a way to counter the "speed focused" builds (sap and bees both lower the attck speed of the opponent) its just that sentinels dont use them. And if you think I'm wrong just say it and I'll make 2 more combiantions without being same class that are very very good. About the dmg debuffs think again go research and you'll find that there is like wd.(lets not mention relics)
    And by the way ALL SENTINELS HAVE A DEFENSIVE SKILLS. (amd good ones at that)
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    PureSex got a reaction from Higgings in [2021.03.11] Warspear Online Update 9.3: Preview. Part I   
    On the one hand, I understand that everyone wants his class to be the strongest, but sometimes it is impossible to read the 'arguments' of some players, how can you write about the ranger buff, shaman nerf, elves can do everything that the mc class is only much better, it's bd which is the best pvp class at the moment, you will hit him for 400 he you for 1000, ranger who oneshoots casters, now got stuns, one of the better aoe skills, also pointless to compare ranger to shaman or barb, compare ranger to hunter, compare, seeker to rouge, warden to dk, pala to barb, druid to shaman, mage to chieftain, the greater the variety of classes, the harder it is to balance it, you have to understand it, while the results where in 90% of cases the elves win speak for themselves, someone will write that this is why that there are more players on the elf side, and for good reason it is a consequence of the fact that the elf classes are much better for the most part, the firstborn map was the simplest map, there were many factors which encouraged to play on the elf side, now any change that can bring a better balance is evil elf according to the players, winning is fun but in an equal fight, it is not the fun to defeat someone weaker ...
    elfs have classes who deal more dmg, heal more, tank better.
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    PureSex reacted to Speedom in [2021.03.11] Warspear Online Update 9.3: Preview. Part I   
    Welcome to every mana drain skills in the game where it relies on mana, regeneration, and specific gear with them attributes. 
    Pros: increases stats & cool aura effects
    Cons: drains mana overtime per 2 sec.
    Cough* Nerf BD
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    PureSex reacted to Higgings in [2021.03.11] Warspear Online Update 9.3: Preview. Part I   
    No I'm not, if you enforce your point with the "my enemies have it hence everyone does". It's a one sided as well as biased point of view when asking for buffs/nerfs.
    Never said they were balanced. Especially BD. I'm saying that there are far more unbalanced classes out there, before Shamans. Read properly my sentences. And quit with the aggressivity. I won't repeat it further.
    It more likely seems you are not reading my comments tbh. You're not taking into account anything else but your reasons; that's synonym of closed mind. There's little I can do for your case, I'm afraid, if you refuse to actually put on the table good points. When you'll want a decent conversation, you'll know where to find me. Or I'll just pop out here myself, as I did earlier. 
    Read my sentence properly, again... I mentioned non-class items (hence anything OUTSIDE the character which buffs it, such as books, pots, scrolls etc.) because you enforced your points with Purifying Potions first... it's not the point of which item is more rare to obtain, but that they shouldn't be taken into account AT ALL when speaking of the strenght of a class. Thing you didn't write when you replied. 
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    PureSex reacted to Higgings in [2021.03.11] Warspear Online Update 9.3: Preview. Part I   
    So you say that a class is not balanced because of the existence of 3rd items which not everyone can access to... no comments for real.
    There you added more variables to the equation. This last thing, of the support skills reduced to 0% is a biased statement; I'm assuming you are still meaning Totem of Weakness being casted, hence one single counter class over several more which can't do the same as a Sham could do. Luckily for you, MC side is not made of Shamans only. Nonetheless, Numerical supporting skills are not the only arsenal Elf Side has got (see druids)
    1.Sap, Bladedancer's skill. 
    2. Druid's Swarm, which reduces the speed hence the DPS. 
    3.Warden's AoE aggro skill
    You should learn a bit more what your side is capable to do. No offence, but I'm reading an important lack of knowledge in this sense. 
    The fact is that you're too used to play broken classes. And now that some players figured out a way to counter them, you (in general) are going nuts. It's not normal for a bd to hit 1.3k dmg to a fully rewarded Deathknight. It's not normal for a Ranger to survive against 3 players with the simple use of Distortion of Life and some Life Steal equipment. (You are adding outside variables hence I'm doing the same. I wouldn't have considered books and such if you hadn't done that first).
    If you want, we can speak of Druid's perma stun cycle too huh.
    Not going to lie, I'm seriously wondering the same.
    Part 2 is the Spring Event news. Which will know about next week 🙂
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    PureSex reacted to Higgings in [2021.03.11] Warspear Online Update 9.3: Preview. Part I   
    Paladins can totally ignore the damage in accordance to their HP ammount. Wardens can do the same, basically, with less effort than the mc side. Your point of our classes being able to debuff yours is quite irrelevant, if we consider that most of our classes can debuff only 1 character whereas yours are more AoE directed AND that most of your classes can resist those debuffs. Last day, as a result of a chit chat, we made a list of classes who can influence the result of a battle the most, between mc side and the elf side. The result was that only few classes (maybe 2 or 3? Can't remember) in the elf side haven't got an AoE Stun/Root/Sleep. 
    And you never wondered why, I suppose. 
    Another horribly wrong statement. Imma show you why.
    Our casters: 
    Charmer: Supporting skills - Yes (high)
    Necromancer: Supporting skills - yes (Low; damage buff only and a shield which heals combined to another skill)
    Shaman: Supporting skills - Yes (high)
    Warlock: Supporting skills - No (totally absent) 
    Elf Side Casters:
    Templar: Supporting skills - Yes (average)
    Priest: Supporting skills - Yes (high)
    Druid: Supporting skills - Yes (High)
    Mage: Supporting skills - Yes (Average: Ennoblement and Dragon eye, capable to be casted on Allies)
    So... are your casters less supportive than ours, again? And don't get me started on Tanks, because even there, should you failed on realizing, the situation of the mc side isn't better. 
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    PureSex reacted to Higgings in [2021.03.11] Warspear Online Update 9.3: Preview. Part I   
    Paladin, Warden.
    Rogue's damage output is no higher than the damage a Ranger with the same items can deal. Or even a Seeker with the same gears, with the only exception that Seekers lack of defensive skills. My definition of balancement in this game is "impossible"; "unachievable", and that's why you'll see me arguing of how futile comparing classes is, especially totally different ones. Ask yourself why on the majority of servers Elves were the winners of the Tower Games during the Christmas Event. (War alike event - forgot the name, apologies. Ice citadel if I remember correctly). Their skills are unique, more complete, a better version than the mc side ones. High crowd control from classes supposed to support and insane healing abilities from classes supposed to tank. And you tell me that my definition (which, I repeat, I had never given so far) of balance in this game is biased...
     P.S. I haven't mentioned the comparison between BD's damage and Rogue's for obvious reasons. 
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    PureSex reacted to Devzu in [2021.03.11] Warspear Online Update 9.3: Preview. Part I   
    long time needed buffs for shaman
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    PureSex got a reaction from Higgings in [2021.03.11] Warspear Online Update 9.3: Preview. Part I   
    the changes take place gradually, I understand that everyone wants his class to be the strongest, but let's be realistic, we got a finger so let's not throw ourselves at once, the changes are going in the right direction, I'm happy for charmer changes and energy manipulation change (skill was useless). Replacements as much as possible, ps. please do not write anything about the ranger buff because the amount of damage it can deal is huge and it is one of the stronger characters, the new skill is also strong, let's not exaggerate. Gj devz 
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    PureSex reacted to Drakoknight in The process of proceeding in the event of an intrusion into the account of third parties   
    Aigrind would really just say that you probably have your account details out to someone and now suffer the consequences
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    PureSex reacted to Jcbreff in The process of proceeding in the event of an intrusion into the account of third parties   
    basically no because they just wont do it
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    PureSex reacted to Mistakee in Necro buff suggestion   
    Hi there,
    I wanted to discuss today about necro their ranges on skills. I have a feeling necro's lack on PVP since the introducing of resist.
    I played priest and necro, but I have a strong feeling that the shield from priest is way stronger at 5/5 then necro his shield? is this something that could be looked upon?
    I noticed that in most of the fights vs these healing class that it is mostly one sided because of their longer range. There are also other classes like warlock who has a 4 yard fear I dont know if u can put the relic on it. My suggestion would be to make necro their range also 5 yards or maybe rework the nightmare sleep into a stun and keep it 4 yards?
    Necro: Nightmares - 4 yards Necro: Ancient seal (heal) - 4 yards Necro: Boneshield - 4 yard  
    Priest: Exhuasting burden- 5 yards  Priest: Armstice - 5 yard Druid: healing dew - 5 yards Druid: entangling roots - 5 yards Shaman: Blind - 5 yards Healing spirit - 5 yards Barb and charmer both have 5 yard stun with relic 7 yards.  
    btw, BD 16 secs resist and still killing my necro on 56% resi with 1400dmg+ ...
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    PureSex reacted to Higgings in [2020.12.24] Update Warspear Online 9.2: Architects' Competition. Release   
    If I may add something, I believe that this event is something more than a event. Let's analyse everything a bit deeper
    From what I see, in my opinion, I think devs wanted to rely on other counters to establish the activity of sides, how they are active (either quests, dungeons or bosses) and which faction prevails more in terms of Many vs Many scenarios. By judging the way this tour is reaching its end, it appears quite obvious to me the superiority of the elf faction (at least on EU). I'm glad they can see this, because this might give them an additional reason to buff the legion side a bit more this time, thing that I believe it has not been done since years now. 
    What I hope is that they might use these new (and public) statistics to improve the game for the sake of the so impossible-to-reach balance, at least in terms of Many vs Many scenario. 
  20. Haha
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    PureSex reacted to Higgings in [2020.12.18] Update Warspear Online 9.2: Architects' Competition. Preview   
    Charmers and Locks I might agree. Rogues, not really yet. 
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    PureSex reacted to coldravens in [2020.12.18] Update Warspear Online 9.2: Architects' Competition. Preview   
    20% for melee class is kinda low indeed.
    Also hunter speed skill was giveing 22% speed but they nerfed with 4% then they nerf the speed of bows and crossbow, and also they nerf the main dmg skill by increasing the cooldown by 2sec, its not that chiftens are op just hunters are overnerfed
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    PureSex reacted to Higgings in The buff this class always deserved   
    Hello and welcome to my topic!
    It's quite a lot I've been thinking about whether making this topic or not, but since some new experts are going to be released, my final hope is that these suggestions are going to be at least reviewed by our beloved admins.
    Since quite a bit now we have seen the game getting newer and newer updates, filled with hard and challenging battles which needed the player's attention and the guild's strategy to achieve the victory. Every time classes prepared properly for these events, and so did my own class: Death Knight. What I am feeling though is that, if every single update, every class tried something new (in terms of skill build or at last even items) my own class had nothing new to try, since there was not and there still is not anything new and worth to try; if every other tank had the possibility to rely on a new skill, it's for 2 years that my own class relies on the same build. Nothing new to try, nothing that gives us an actual chance to test new builds. The obstinate tendency to give this class magic damage skills which deal enemies (eventually) even good ammount of damage, forgetting that we are tanks, and such source of power should be used to make us live longer, and not to steal another class' job. The apparently unreasonable choice to give this class a unique meta - Life Steal -- but no skills or items that would stack with this statistic more than any other class would do, not to count that to use such skill it's necessary to sacrifice a tremendous ammount of HPs for a tank. Since recently I was asked what kind of buff I would give this class, I'm here then to suggest something that might change the current situation of this, in my opinion, neglected class. 
    - First of all, Saturation. This skill gives Life Steal for a high price. Now, options are 2: you either remove this cost, as it's illogic to pay 10% of HPs whereas classes like Bladedancers can walk with 40% of basic damage augmentation for free; or you give this skill an actual justification for this secondary price. Since you won't remove this secondary price, here's my idea
    Effect: Death Knight receives a buff in life steal (10/15/20/25) for (8/13/18/25) seconds. Depending on the weapon he carries: 1h weapon + shield - Additionally Increases the Block parameter by (3/5/7/10%) and Parry parameter by  (3/5/7/10%) - 2h weapon - Increases the physical and magical damage by (6/9/12/15%) and the penetration parameter by (2/5/8/12%) 
    Reason and Comments: This is one of the tanks which have got no defensive statistic augmentation skills - like litterally 0. All I'm doing is giving an actual reason to pay these 10% hps, which for a PvE tank, it's like 800+ hps. On PvP scenario there still are several skills that deserve to be leveled more than this one, so we should put some sort of attention when building our character in PvP
    - Second, Knight's Curse: I'll never get why Death Knights needed such a skill instead of a defensive one, but since it's too late, let's give it a sort of reason for a tank to have this skill.
    Effect: [same effect of the current skill but with one addition] If the Death Knight stands on the fire ground his own skill generated, his Health Point are restored by (10/20/30/40%) depending on the Death Knight's magic damage and the skill's level.
    Reason and Comments: since it's a skill that has been recently nerfed, its role in the game is unexistant, as enemies (who could've ever said it?) have got no problems on walking away from the 3x3 flaming area generated by the skill itself. Before flames could even trigger, it's necessary to debuff the enemy with such skill (as a debuff, it can be resisted). Maxing it out would make the initial debuff last 8 seconds and that means Opponent Players have got more than enough time to eventually cure themselves from this debuff. I repeat: we are tanks, and there's no reason whatsoever to use this skill only to deal damage, since classes like warlocks or shamans are far better than us in this sense
    - Third, Blood Protection, one of the most popular skills this class has got (and the 2nd of all of our skills that we can call "defensive"...). Should the aforementioned changes be accepted, here's my idea for this skill.
    Effect: Passive: Only if MAX HPs < (30/45/55/70%). Every time the Death Knight receives damage (DoT excluded), with a chance of X where X is the ammount of Life Steal, the Death Knight receives one Blood Point (under his HUD). The Death Knight shall see the damage reduced by 3% for every Blood Point obtained, Once the Death Knight reaches 5 Blood Points, he will receive the Blood Protection buff in exchange of all of his Blood Points, which will last for (5/10/15/20) seconds. During that time, all of the debuffs this class receives shall last for -X% shorter where X is the ammount of Life Steal this class has got, and all of the buffs he has got shall last for +X% more where X is the anmount of Life Steal this class has got. The buff can be dispelled and as soon as the DK reaches a higher percentage of HPs, all of the Blood Points so far acquired shall go to 0 and the Blood Protection buff shall disappear. 
    Reasons and Comments: It is a buff that shall trigger only if this class suffers too much damage. It shall help it to avoid being a dummy, as this class heavily lacks of mobility as well (on the contrary of 3 of the 5 colleagues, which can teleport/move faster/rush to an enemy immediatly). Tanks are supposed to initiate fights, and since the only way we can do that is to pull from 7 yards some classes  (some of which actually like being pulled - Paladins, Druids, Mages... ) with the hope that the skill doesn't get resisted, this skill can be considered as a Plan B. Besides, the meta of this class is Life Steal so I'm just giving another reason for that 10% of HPs from Saturation to be paid. 
    Further Considerations: Exhalation of Darkness. We arrived to a situation where seekers deal 11k dmg with their basic hits, but we consider a sacrilege to return the critical hit to this skill. I believe it's time for a change. Moreover, let Terrible Relic of Control be placed in this skill... Most (if not all) of the other classes have got this relic on their control skills, except Death Knights. I see no reason for this situation to be kept on.
    Blow of the Silence: allow the effect to be casted on several targets at once, shoud the effect hit many targets simultaneously. Add eventually a limit of targets who can be affected by this skill, depending on the level of the skill itself. Several classes can stun/disable many enemies at once, some even with their basic skills. As an expert skill, this would help the DK to be useful in Many vs Many scenarios.
    For now, that's all. I'm here to read your opinions and feedbacks. All I'm asking is to keep in mind the current situation this class is running through, and to write your comments with points and means so that a pleasant conversation could be started. I thank you all in advance!

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    PureSex reacted to Higgings in [2020.11.06] The Anniversary L Arena season has started! New rewards and changes to modes!   
    You should really consider to allow 1 party and 1 random to join on the new mode...
    You can't simply find a correct teamwork with people you don't know at all, not to count that, considering that players up to lv18 can join even on higher categories, it's not hard to put an afk character. There's no way for you to win if you've got a lv18 random player and a lv32 naked player vs 3 elves. 
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    PureSex reacted to Nolan in [2020.11.09] Event of the Week “History of horrors: Deadly games” and Holiday Weekly ratings Tournament!   
    I am so glad to read this! Trust me, our team puts so much effort to make it for you guys!! 
    I know it's a bit annoying, but the hardest part is the boss and you have done it! The members should wait untill everyone gets their drops from the chest 
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