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  1. The event is great, there is practically nothing to improve, from year to year you can see more and more commitment, creativity and artistry in events, unfortunately there is one thing that does not give me peace, it is very troublesome that in Dg after the death of the boss monsters do not die together with him, only nibble to the last seconds in dg.
  2. Have pity on the gm, they made a nice event they put a lot of work into it, if this post does not include 32 equipment and new skills, it means that their time has not come yet, patience, you cannot have everything at once.
  3. Please do not make the chieftain another rouge, seeker, bd, he does not rely on auto attacks, the fact that he can have 2 weapons does not mean that it works in the same way, if you compare the chieftain, it is closest to the mage. It is based on skills, where it is best to press cdr and magic dmg, you can, of course, combine maces and combine but remember 2 rules, chieftani uses a lot of mana and needs magic dmg. Same as Zurpi said.
  4. Ye, these are not impressive values if we write about damage on a single target, it does a nice job in fe. Lab and with a larger group of opponents.
  5. 4/4, 386 mdmg. Warspear Online 2020-10-09 13-43-59.mp4
  6. Rebuilding the second map would indeed be a good idea, but you cannot forget about the current issues, a bit more urgent, such as mm at the gild vs gild event, adding skill sets, equipment sets. These problems are much more important and they will really improve the comfort of the game, a quick change of equipment would be very useful, at least one additional set of skills so that you do not have to choose each time, pvp or pve, the cost of 20k +/- (avarage price of obli book) every few days is quite large, many players do not I decide to do it, so they choose either pvp or pve, it kills crea
  7. I had on 22lvl 15% parry and it work nice,but with a passive ability, dodging would work better, also easier got nice amount of dodge cuz chief can use leather armor (Helm and boots recommender cuz on this pieces you dont lose magic power).
  8. Yes, you are right, but we must remember that the cost of skills increases in proportion to their level, now I have 48 at 22lvl, as I develop this value will increase, but as the regeneration increases, the costs of skills that I will develop will increase. Such a mage can afford to add penetration crystals to the rings, in which case I don't know if it would work.
  9. 48 mana regen in 5sec, after drinking the potion with speed regeneration rate bonus, i had 48 in 3,3 sec, with pot bonus still i cant spam whole skills, just eye and swooping army + cat reflex.
  10. Looks op at 22lvl, 18-20 gear, +1 without great charms, very easily and very often, with the right build can get 50% crit, 4/5x perma bleeding, for whole boss pt. mana is missing, I had to use a mana potion, this is a big drawback.
  11. It's also worth taking a closer look at the chieftain mana. It is a class similar to a mage in many aspects, it is not difficult to find a lot of analogies. Also the chieftain suffers from the same problem as the mage, high mana consumption, no mana = no damage = useless. It would be worth adding a skill similar to the mage's skill which provides mana when using skills / dealing damage.
  12. Hello Everyone I think the class has potential, and I believe that as skills progress and more, players will get to know and appreciate them better. The amount of damage dealt by Chieftain is impressive, they are virtually uninterrupted injured with a large initial burst thanks to Wolf's aclarity skill. See for yourself, maybe a bit on a smaller scale because only level 20 with +1 equipment, but it can always be a bit of an illustration of the class's. 20k damage in less than a minute at this level and this character development, sounds good. Warspear Online 2020-10
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