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  1. Good morning Maybe I will start with the fact that when I remember, I played healers, my adventure has been going on for several years (I mean healers, I mean druid, shaman, priest, necromancer) in the game, the variety of characters is large, at the beginning it might seem that the priest is an analogous class to necro, shaman to druid, only the skills differ slightly, initially this is how the similarities begin to blur, and it is known that the greater the variety, the harder it is to balance. Currently, out of these 4 classes, necromancer seems to be the weakest when it comes to pvp a
  2. proposes to add experience potions to greatly facilitate the comfort of testing skills.
  3. they are puntctually, said approximately so could be at 12:30 or 13:30 ._.
  4. On the one hand, I understand that everyone wants his class to be the strongest, but sometimes it is impossible to read the 'arguments' of some players, how can you write about the ranger buff, shaman nerf, elves can do everything that the mc class is only much better, it's bd which is the best pvp class at the moment, you will hit him for 400 he you for 1000, ranger who oneshoots casters, now got stuns, one of the better aoe skills, also pointless to compare ranger to shaman or barb, compare ranger to hunter, compare, seeker to rouge, warden to dk, pala to barb, druid to shaman, mage to chief
  5. I don't know if there is any point in discussing here, the elves have a pladin who has everything, jump - there is, aggro - even 2, heal - even 2, shield - is the strongest in the game, also has aoe cc, banner, warden? almost impossible to kill him, bd? class that can have 10k deff and deal damage like rouge, use dagger and have dmg like on axes, moreover, mage, full of aoe, druid, impossible to kill on castle pot, without that also hard, and you could mention that, most elf classes have shields, good aoe, stuns, even skill class passives, 4% damage, that's not enough? it's almost an additiona
  6. yes it was needed, now what do you think abt build 4/4 fire totem, 4/4 tribe and 4/4 lshield or energy field ?
  7. the changes take place gradually, I understand that everyone wants his class to be the strongest, but let's be realistic, we got a finger so let's not throw ourselves at once, the changes are going in the right direction, I'm happy for charmer changes and energy manipulation change (skill was useless). Replacements as much as possible, ps. please do not write anything about the ranger buff because the amount of damage it can deal is huge and it is one of the stronger characters, the new skill is also strong, let's not exaggerate. Gj devz
  8. Hello When someone breaks into our account (e.g. via a keylogger) and removes the characters and the equipment on it, are there any options for recovering the equipment? is there a check of the location from which someone logged in and at what times, general support of a robbed player, finding the perpetrator? Can you set aside the diamond of secrecy what steps are taken in such a situation, can the player's support be counted, or is he left alone with this situation ? I invite you to discuss what do you think about the current system of conduct in such situation
  9. The event is great, there is practically nothing to improve, from year to year you can see more and more commitment, creativity and artistry in events, unfortunately there is one thing that does not give me peace, it is very troublesome that in Dg after the death of the boss monsters do not die together with him, only nibble to the last seconds in dg.
  10. Have pity on the gm, they made a nice event they put a lot of work into it, if this post does not include 32 equipment and new skills, it means that their time has not come yet, patience, you cannot have everything at once.
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