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  1. lol how to change ranks if those players not dmd? the lower ranks would reach them and so on $$ can buy everything these days
  2. hmm I wanna level a guild from 3 to 4 but if any discount soon it would be wasting rn.I mean if it will be available after 1-3month i go level now but if less than a month its better to wait for it
  3. hello will be there any discount on leveling guild or skills on this event or no?
  4. would be nice but it needs a good work to not lose players etc
  5. https://dl.goodmusics.ir/light/07-bikalam.mp3 https://dl.goodmusics.ir/light/01-Ed-Sheeran-Perfect.mp3
  6. not true bro im playing from 2010 and i haven't spend any $ on the game .also i have hurted most of those cash players who just plays on $ .and still i am but on new heroes .tbh the greatness items (lazy to make it) made it abit harder sometimes impossible but still having fun . this game is very fun from the start and honestly it been part of my life .all they need to do maybe bring more players new ones into game. and about amp system yeah its really unfair also about drops hope they do something to make it a little fair while u spam signs and fail and some do +10 with 10sets of sign to be stronger sure u need books .everyone can do +10 even f2p players but books costs lot to gather
  7. there u need a pt maybe priest its a support class and maybe u need pvp gears
  8. barbarian weak tank compared to warden u can start warden as a tank and then if u got drops enuf gold it can be also good at pvp too dont waste ur time on a barb . chief good too but dmg class and can make normal one with 1m gold xd
  9. u better join elf side and play on a warden
  10. ah okay I see . I just don't want to miss any moment of ws tbh
  11. Hi there just 30mins ago my game dc and cant connect to game on my old phone and not even on my pc please fix this im going to miss the battle buff showing up heroes but cant get in game riiiiiiiiip wifi is fine but phone mobile just not opening ws idk whats wrong
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