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    if they add some extra auto attack it will be overpower xd
  2. hahahaha yeah that wat it used to be
  3. just if the unbind costs be different on costumes for example troll costume unbind = 3k mcoin demo 7k and go on otherwise its not good
  4. No i meant the gold fee for each time u press while ur amping an item
  5. oh glad some new players still join game
  6. the only thing they should remove is amp fee lol its really pissing off players ...
  7. bad idea ... already players buy much of mcoin to get the gold for buying rare costumes ;)
  8. It happened for me too 1 time just send email to support them but it will take 1 or more weeks ... its really sad cause can't buy sell exchange players put or take items from warehouse haha
  9. Here just to leave a comment... won't read it cause I cant offert a book
  10. Honestly waste of time level a character to lv30 at least and farm gold ...don't waste ur time on low level
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