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  1. hey there the quest blue or red is bugged on 21level ones... I've done 2 of 3 and the last one asks for blue bulb but i already have it in bag.. pls fix it thx
  2. sorry i won't leave my current server
  3. Puppymaster

    Reverse Flow

    yeah honestly last time i couldn't even attack elves flag like we was there for 2mins... full stun :/ and we couldn't even get the flag pffff barbarian resist same with bd? barb resist lasts so less time and take u long to res the skill while bd spam it :) mages got same resist ...necro needs to walk into enemies belly to success with using fear but sadly gets caught stunned and rip ...dk pull doesn't stunns or push back 3 4 players xd bd rushes and resist skills of mcs ;) too much issue tbh
  4. well because i was bored
  5. will be the rage accessories with %phsy magic dmg ??? like ones on horror with ls ? the old ones really not loved by players and outdated
  6. who's selling the axe lv32 +8 in market on mc side let me know thx
  7. necros more op now lmao...and sadly always work on elves rip mcs...
  8. tell me how middle or low amped lv20-25 shaman can tank both laby even lv32 middle amped shaman can't tank the newlaby but ok
  9. still we would meet random guys and not the same players all the time xd
  10. nah its not fair a guild with 20 30 active player vs 100 player of a guild xd well it won't happen I'm not into dgs but i think they should make it to be a safe area xd the ranks can be earned by spamming means ppl use more stamina for dgs $$$ for dear devs xd all u did was stay and watch the fights haha xd
  11. I don't mind since its on my playing side and hurts elves ;)
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