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  1. So funny blocking my posts about being banned on my trade ability and paying attention to such post like "Hack" just cause u guys friends or whatever. Lyzioc my friend but Some of admins really action like they do whatever they like to. Lost my trade ability for about 2 3 month and not getting it fixed even i have sent an email to support them 3 4 times .
  2. Hey there . This is the 3rd time im sending a post about my problem . Also sent email to support team but they never fixed it even after 1-3 month This started just after the new class update When i was trying to buy item from market system just said ur trading ability has been banned . I send email to support team and so funny after 1 day they chat ban me for 27 days instead of fixing it. Lol Then i waited the 27 days thought it gonna be fixed after that time but it never happened so i send email again they said will fix it in 7 days work. But again nothing happened so i posted on froum but all i got was getting my post closed by admins and they say same words as always like bots . Please fix it and show some respect . Im not a newbie .I've played around 10 years so come on fix it ... i never see such problem . I cant buy or sell items in market cant exchange with anyone cant take or put items in warhouse.
  3. Hi there just after update the new classes my trade ability got banned I've send an email and got a respond that it will be fixed after 2 3 days but after a day my acc got chat banned 27 days .its been now close to 2month but u never fixed my trade ability and still im on ban .thanks for love ... u guys just too busy and never tried to fix my problem even after 2month lmao thanks
  4. Well the automatic email from support team said i can get help here on support so
  5. Hello there. This just starts after the new classes update. Just 1h after the update my trade exchange ability got banned So i decided to send email to support team and they just surprised me with 15 days blocking so I can't chat/trade/exchange in the game . There i see no reason to get my account blocked like this Already I've send support team another mail about this no reason blocking . Please send an email or massage in the game for what reason we get blocked I left my guild because of this And it stops me to play the game cause its not really fun with such account blocking. And i hope u guys fix it for me Cause i done nothing wrong Thanks alot
  6. Oh damn it man This gonna be hurting Cause I'm a business man in the game... huffff why this only happen to me lmao unlucky always
  7. They just answer me like this yesterday and today still i have the problem there
  8. Hello there Guys Well here i have some screen shots From years ago of old players ir young you (when u was low lvl) Or ur old account name Abc guild The old war vs elves Lv13 staff with old astral bounce Old ss of laby ABC Guild : 1.vomm : shes still playing 2.disturbed : he was a brave mc killing elf eveywhere lol ,I remember we used to kill and disturb elves hunt in aa boss 3.juliet : julios' wife such a good player still playing 4.catalonia(crossfit his rogue) : old player idk if hes still playing the first guy i see had the troll costume and was a good opponent so on cross lol Lovexrouge : Nida was such sweet player so idk if she's still playing Sulla : he silent quiet boy but active on crossing fights lol he was a good opponent too Theres some other players too but idk them much and names hard to read lol Old staff bounce with astral power And verazus who trying to buy kw set lol Old ss of war with elves Lv13 with astral bounce lol
  9. See if ur hero in the screen shot from like one or two year ago was doing six shadow alone
  10. Already i have send them a email and they said will be fixed in 1h but it not fixed yet ... idk
  11. Hello there. There I got a problem with trading exchanging. When I try to buy anything from market or trying to exchange with other player it says : ur trading ability was temporary restricted by adminators I never see such things. And never happened to me before lol Please help me I haven't done anything wrong
  12. Haha thanks ok so i try to make it lol Okk thank you
  13. Puppymaster


    It got fixed just when i turned on the vpn thanks
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