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  1. I don't think it will work here on our sever. In any case, we will make things difficult for them. they were doing win lose in mm but we disrupted their plans not hating players over a game but mc side shouldn't have peace with elves at all
  2. I don't see any of them to make any decision by themself. they been leading by wrong person for years imaging an elf leading mc guild .
  3. that's why im saying poor yy being used all the time maybe just for gvg #2 3 wins haha I hope its not dies like north since u guys take control of that great guild and down to how it is now. u better only play on ur side as ur saying phah is ur guild and leave mc guilds in peace and taste the real war ;)
  4. talking about cry while u failed leading yy in mm for two times .ur not smart enough and using poor yy idk why they are dealing to stay away of war to give ur guild free buffs but still there is a brave guild to make it hard for elves
  5. not sure if its called a war some of mc guilds planing with elf guilds and dealing on shameful things idk but its fun still and there`s only one guild in mc side (Eu-emerald) server fighting against elves and being hated for it imagine dealing with elves to give them free win stars buffs and be brave about
  6. asdasdasd selam knk froumda ne arena partneri ask in game
  7. Honestly knowing it is both good and bad. I see some players drop book in 15 runs a guy dropped book in first run and some do +500 no books like how i did and 0 no idea about that but lets see what all people say
  8. selling some skins EU-emerald sever mc side 1.light bulb club x2 2.Duck walking stick 3.Ginger Sabre x2 4.Jollier`s bell x4 5.Caramel Staff 6.Christmas Tree Star x5 7.Ginger baton
  9. memories now he\she hates me just cause joined in phah guild
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