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  1. My phone is Samsung Galaxy Pocket, android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. I don't know if this graphic bug is occurring to others but this thing bugs me. I need to reset the game in order for it to be fixed. This only happened to me at the current version of the game. Another bug/glitch I've just spotted is just a mere small one -not much bothers me- ; at screenshot, I'm still alive but skill bar is replaced by revive, and the other. . . .just look at it.
  2. cigma

    mc skills

    Got an idea, rabbits should now able to attack, if it hits you, your char will be deleted for life. And rogue's attack should make the opponent's phone/pc delete all files
  3. This is because of player equality. No no, I mean justice. Equality lifts everyone up, like rich become richer. But in justice, The lowly will be lifted and the rich will remain, and thus we are "equally" treated as players. Giving MCoin buyers an advantage is a selfish approach. Think for the common good, not just for yourself. Ps : MCoin buyers don't really have an advantage. Eg. You buy MCoin, we buy food. We're stuffed, and you're not. You kill players easily, we eat food deliciously , and that's justice.
  4. I disagree. There's nothing impossible. Methods are readily available to be utilized by payers and non payers.
  5. Bro, do you still play your shaman?
  6. And the overpopulated faction wins. Its obviously the . . . . . .
  7. oh bro you mean something sexy like this ?
  8. tank class with heal, AOE root, very large flag that can detect invis, deal massive AOE damage, increase AOE ally damage. This skill is as almost impossible to dodge / avoid in arena 5v5, but I don't really care. Sentinels now wield demonic powers, overpopulated, and looks brute, so they're the antagonist of the game now >:D
  9. There's no best my dear buddy. Everybody has their own preferences. It's like being a gày. A gày is born, there's somewhere in his brain that tells him to act as gày. Like us players. When we were born, there's somewhere in our brain that tells us to use twin axes, and that twin daggers are noob. And the other way around. Were rogues. Half are genius and half are boastful.
  10. cigma

    The poisonous blades

    The fail in this skill is that gouge don't like poisons.
  11. What I really want is friendly fire. Damage everyone, including the Paladin, inside its radius. -No damage nerfed- -range not nerfed -no cast time no shit Or make every banner cost 5 MCoins, I would be very happy. :rofl:
  12. I suggest a friendlyfire. Banners should damage ANYONE inside its radius. Now, they will feel their own awesomeness.
  13. Reality in a fantasy rpg. Warspear, in the description, "You will like this game if you play rpg games like . . . ." . Well, this is true to me. I've liked this game. But I've noticed a bit of mechanic that differs from other rpg game, lets say warcraft. In Warcraft, any attack from invisibility won't miss, unlike Warspear. I mean, there's no person eating a banana while relaxing, then suddenly an assassin god came out in front of him, attacked him, but missed due to the super reflexes of the unalerted person. How the heck is that? ( dodge, parry, block )
  14. Devs will approve it if a single grenade costs 5 MCoins 8)
  15. Your own fault bro :unknw: no trust is no scam. There's no programming in this game that detects scammers.
  16. cigma

    Elusive Jump

    elusive jump allows us to be beside you, and you rangers are running after it. Yes, rogues are cowards.
  17. Your penetration suggestion is too much bro. It's not utilized vs mobs. Penetration does not increase your damage.
  18. Anyone has the skill? how much damage it deals? How long the buff duration? Does it integrate with your physical damage? Do several poison stack? Is it worth it? Why am I asking all of this? What's the date today? What's my name? :tease:
  19. Haha. They see themselves crit 3k on rabbits and be proud like a ♥♥♥♥♥.
  20. In order for there geniuses to stop debating, devs should make the skill casting time in accordance with the attack speed. No more lame . I love daggers. No one can kill-steal my mob when I make money.
  21. cigma

    Heavy Armor

    Rogue gets heavy armor, now can't do stealth.
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