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  1. They been reported many times already but nothing changed 😕
  2. Been a month since it's out and you clearly see how good ideas get ruined by careless admins which dont put effort in the arena system. The moment you enter arena and you need to check clearly whos in ur team before analyzing the enemies already shows that arena isnt fun as before anymore.. https://youtu.be/hJF2pX0iawYhttps://youtu.be/DruxnZx6_VI
  3. It's not only earthquake which has to be modified, as active shaman player fighting elfs we lack support skills elfs have. As skills like druids shield barrier absorb dmg and heal them 2000, their just recent added shield skill healing them 4000-6000, paladins shield which cycles endlessly and absorbing 10.000 dmg among with classes like bladedancer hitting same dmg as trucks and rangers with double hits and high speed rate we only have heal totem which forces us to stand at a specific area and base heal to survive, since ancestor hand only absorbs 500 dmg(compared to paladins shield its a joke) and isnt worth to put any skill points on.. it's not like we can do hella much against it either when youre under the effect of rush stun which lasts 6seconds, druids root which can cycle endless, paladins fetter etc etc
  4. Congratulations on choosing one side over the other once again... I honestly wonder if you even read both factions skills before giving out new ones... Elfs by far have more aoe control than mc does, paladins fetter, druids area root, mages meteor strike, druids sleep, bds rush among 2k auto hit and counter strike which kills half of mc hitting the class... While mcs have lock circle with a fail rate of 90% due to their infinity resist skills, panic from necro who barely somebody uses oh yea hunters aoe fear which blocks resists parry dodges more than anything else... Earthquake isnt worth mentioning.. this game been one sided for ages tho not surprised about this update 😀 might as well just take the legion faction out of the game
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