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  1. There wrong story...ranger already died before hit 4-6 yard by rogue....rogue hit stun and silence then r.i.p....even from far also rogue can jump to ranger...+8 pvp rogue can beat +10 pvp ranger before and after soon update what gonna happen....
  2. Agree...distortion not 100% active also depend how much % ur life steal...ppl spend lot money for this and they reduce the original effect...if they want set the effect should be early ppl wont pay this high price
  3. Yea agree everything is mc class...priest like trash class here...necro got duration silence area...its must be priest redemption duration area also...and priest should have skeleton also....they give everything what elf have to mc...but not for elf...movement speed,area skill,speed atk, and most aoe on mc class...mage like useless....if wd and dk are same category but dk most powerful tank pve and pvp + high dmg...wd not good for pve + pvp too much diferent
  4. Rogue already op to kill every class and now get more buff...ranger got ducked last season now what we will call for that....give back normal bow 2.8 and cbow 3.3,blessing duration, stun mele change should be 4 yard,and no combo required to stun with cage...they not make enough fair hunter and ranger are in same category but hunter got area debuff like fear..
  5. So u want mc side only have fully of stun area,weakness area,disability area to elf side??? U guys kinda very happy in game cause this and always cry at forum to stop their do action problem in game
  6. How they make a class like shaman only can do everything as support,weakness, and fast kill...no matter how many about point skill invest...other class can invest their skill point but not to be like that...in this forum they said ranger op...but in game they always said ranger is trash...scatter ranger useless after scatter enemy gone so far and cant even 1 hit...ranger easy to die now cant kill any enemy also...they make character info ranger high dmg and low def when creating new character...now its fake...ranger low dmg and low def...how wpn already fix 2.8 speed and low dmg...they changed 3.3 still low dmg...every wpn already fix their dmg to interrval between...why only wpn ranger they fix...why they dont fix both staff become slow skill also like that if they want make enough fair...why after long year only ranger wpn slow down...they no skill def fast die...scatter useless...stun need to do at combo
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