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  1. Shamans are currently the most played mc class and there are many reasons for that. They get away easily with castle buffs like heal pot and jumps pots. The healing they get is insane and is nowhere near compared to priest/necros. Healing 2k! per tick as a crit heal makes no sense. They have similar defences to a tank, op healing skills and as well as crazy damage(dont even wnna start about the totems). Differences in healing between instant heal(2k+) and overall tick heal(4k+) is now too huge with castle pot, which clearly shows why priests/necros are not the first choice of the players anymore. I think it's about time that their skills be should trimmed down to some extent so that other healer classes can flourish as well.
  2. You can't just simply kill shamans nowadays, they blind u to death and they r healing more than they're supposed to do with heal pots and jump pots. Even in wars, all they do is put their totems with lock's aoe def reducing skill and everyone else gets melted. There's a lack of balance when it comes to healers like druid and shamans, but atleast druids arent hitting u like a truck.
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