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  1. There is a bug when clicking on the expert skills, causing the character to stop the auto-attack This should be fixed so as not to attack, on impulse of a battle it can be frustrating to lose the target by clicking on the skill and stay still YouCut_20200921_070128481.mp4
  2. Thanks for the info, for a moment I thought it was some kind of bug I looked for information on the forum, but I hadn't found anything about it.
  3. Would that be some kind of bug? After all I've done 10k of reputation, but my oxygen hasn't increased to 17 (when doing 5k) Or do I need to do something before I can raise? (I've done some quests on the T5 map4)
  4. Please put a visual effect on the warden's "fortification" ability, it is frustrating only that (active) skill doesn't have an effect
  5. Trolls wild Ayvondil are renowned for their cruelty, dark mysticism, and seething hatred for all other races. However, an exception among the trolls is the Darkspear tribe and its cunning leader, Phixxuã. Marked by a history of subservience and exile, His race was on the verge of extinction when Warchief Thrall and the powerful forces of Berengar's landed in the home of trolls, a remote island in the seas near Naddir during a violent storm. Where to live up to our times, angrier under the existing races that almost became extinção. skill: passive: REGENERATION Trolls have a natural hea
  6. Um dos Maiores Generais de Ayvondil já conhecido com grande habilidades extraordinária, foi corrompido pela sede de poder, ele passou a ser um guerreiro muito temido pelo povo, pelo seus atos de destruição em todos os cantos do mundo de Arinar. Por conhecer grandes técnicas com duplas espada ele se tornou uma grande ameaça jamais detida. Hp: 2.000.000 Dmg: 600 Habilidades: Lâminas envenenadas(Rogue) contra golpe(bd) Passiva: Roubo de vida 20% por golpe.
  7. Adicione vibração Ao Toque no jogo para selecionar os poderes quem vao ser usados Ajudaria Muito isso As Vezes Fico Confuso Quando tenho Que usar Varios Poderes, Com A Vibração Ajudaria A Saber Que o Poder Estaria Ativo Ou Pronto Pra Uso.
  8. Add vibration to the touch in the game to select the powers who are going to be used Very help it sometimes get confused when I have to use several powers, With Vibration Would it help to know that the Power Assets Or Was Ready To Use. ;) ;) Translation: Google Translator :facepalm:
  9. Redefine To: puts a curse on a specific enemy. if the target uses a skill which requires energy consumption, then he will additionally lose a percente of his maximum energy. The Priest restores your energy by a percentage, The amount of energy lost by the enemy. Its duration, increases with skill progress Tradução: coloca uma maldição sobre um inimigo específico. se o alvo usa uma habilidade que requer o consumo de energia, então ele vai além disso, perder um percente de sua energia máxima. O Sacerdote restaura a SUA Energia POR UMA porcentagem, a quantidade de energia perdida pelo i
  10. Costume Of Sudden Doom
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