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  1. Oh come on!... How much do you need to release signed warspear.sisx',, what i mean is i can pay just tell me the ducking number and the money is yours!.. Just Bring back WP for symbian and we're Done!..' this is Bullshit!
  2. Same Problem here Bro!.. Idk if GM's, Devs r fixing this.. I recmmend that we wait for further News/Update for our device..', i hope they can fix this soon as possible!.
  3. Psensya po mdyo delay yung release ng v3.8 sa Symbian devices :( ... Ma dwload nmn po yung v3.8 pero kpag na inform na ang installation mron png mssge na Certificate Error!',, haaiizzzt! Sna maayos n2 pra mka active ako ulit..', Te nen pki Update nman yung 1st Page :) ISkyszenel LvL 14 lvling ISkylordl Lv 6 arena _Rank 46_
  4. Well This time for :SLEEP: GooDNiGHT AIgrind .. Hope you Fix the issue for SYMBIAN USERS..
  5. For Begginers Dont do this or ur phone will fall into hard Reset.. I recommended let's wait for signed warspear.sisx',
  6. If that so', the server or game must allow symbian users to play v3.7 atm while v3.8 is on the process.. We cnn't allow it like this it's too unfair for ppl who use symbian phones only and dnt hve other devices',
  7. When confirming installation', it Give us the messge: Certirtificate Error Please contact your Services provided..', it's the error of the app. not the phone',.. :) E71 user
  8. No That won't do bro.. It will just give you a Bigger Problem.. All unsigned/signed .sis appliction will give you a Mssge Certificate error!..
  9. i think our phone need to hack to install it.. But it's damn f******kng Hard!.. For now Let's wait for the update when it will be signed.
  11. Certificate error! sisx Can't install it damn?.. I really really want to play now '' Please Fix it!..
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