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  1. Wow DAmn Thanks alot! :blush: I will be richest person in WS now! :shout:
  2. Rofl died in begin and at the end :lol: ''welcome to the internet, your gateway to adventure'' nice done bro :drinks:
  3. So if you killed yur own char you need log again in and go to that place and kill him again. That takes sooooooooooo much time, its not even worth. cuz the reward should be low like 1 gp/ 1cc or anything else small. its not worth wasting your time with that
  4. But having a 2. account is kinde illegal so you cannot blame someone for that besides doing tht farm thing should take lots of time :bad:
  5. YEZ I am with this Idea :yahoo: i mean killing the enemy must hurt them :diablo: OR atleast we should get a reward to keep kill the enemy :give_rose:
  6. Cagr

    Demon Chopper

    Its Finished now ;) I call it Demon Chopper !!
  7. Cagr

    Demon Chopper

    I forgot the shoulders but now Its ok
  8. ~~~~~DEMON CHOPPER~~~~~ Made by a MountainClan player :yahoo: I am a new player, and heared of this contest soooooo I wanted to participate, this is my first time i join a Contest et forum. I wanted to make a Healer/Warlock/Mage outfit and this is the result :drinks: but everyone can wear as well :pleasantry: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Materials: - Helmet is a DEMONSKull - Diffrent purple (dark/White) Cloths/Silks are used to make the outfit complete - the White parts (arms & legs) are Human Bones ( :shok: ) - The Red Parts are Dragon Bones (Chest &Body) - The front of the boots are from Bones and Diamond material - Skuls on left and right are young human skulls... Hope you like it :spiteful: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Cagr
  9. YES SIR! ;D Good work
  10. Like this one :give_rose:
  11. I had also an idea to make a Gladiator like this.. But yur first, nice costume :clapping:
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