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  1. me and him use differents facebook profiles but on the same warspear account, is this possible? would be really freaking bad
  2. I getting a lot of problems with the profile, i know who is using it, he changed mail and pass but i can still play cause im logged with fb. He is telling that he can log with fb too if the support change the mail, is that true?
  3. Maybe my brother told my password to someone, i use the same for everything... I cant change the password cause he changed the mail long time ago i think.
  4. And yeah, i found out that he changed the password too... (if someone have read the last post, sorry, it was quite bad)
  5. So, i sended a ticket to the support telling that i recently restarted playing and i found that someone was using my chars and maybe changed the mail when it was a thing. So im pretty ducked, i can still play cause im logged with facebook, but he is spending some one my golds/arena points in shit and he deleted my lock lvl 12 that i was levelling. Is the support quick? maybe they can give me a new random pass or change the mail? I have lots of good memories in that profile, i dont wanna lose it! (in the ticket there is all the information and all the chars names, lvls, and classes.) (If are needed some screens, i have them)
  6. So, i can play but he can too. He changed the mail so now i know it and not the pass. I can't change the pass cause i can't check his mails.
  7. Cause i can play, if the password is changed it tells: Incorrect login or password
  8. Yeah, with the mail of both
  9. Someone entered in my account long time ago when i stopped playing and changed the mail but not the password when it was a thing. Now i don't know what to do, i can't change the pass too cause the current mail in my profile is not the mine
  10. Mmmmmm....... Where i can create a thread?
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