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  1. lol,i sell my c.bow lvl 12 +7 49k at trade chat and lvl 4 wanna buy my c.bow 60k and he fail , he want give to him back. :rofl: :rofl: fail trick!
  2. ya still have version 3.9.0 for pc. where 3.10.1 ??please gm fix now :'(
  3. Gm please make v3.9.0 to 3.10.0 for windows or pc please... i always download and always get v3.9.0 .. what happen??? please fix now , i wanna play now :sorry: :sorry: Gm Please give reason.... or replies :'(
  4. what happen warspear online? i always download and always 3.9.0 what happen? no update for windows and pc 3.10.0 no??? :'( please check this one!
  5. windows update??? gm please make 3.10 for windows pc please :'(
  6. but at guild award who 1,2,3 guild get the price (chest) :cray:
  7. GM, Why my guild DESTROYERS no have price (chest) and 10k gold.rank 256 :cray: error??
  8. taikoz

    "Dark Elf"

    thanks! ;D EU-Emarld Taikoz(blade dancer) elf
  9. WOW! that's a big muscle! :shok: i like it ;D
  10. taikoz

    "Dark Elf"

    This is my new costume "KING ELF" costume :good:
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