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  1. Many players already have the maximun Mermen reputation and learned all the Mermen Talents, why not make the excess reputation tradeable? for gold, knowledge or special items or weapons/gears also for the efforts of the players joing Chaos Event and become more exciting too. Or ideally new talent branch. I hope you can make the excess mermen reputation useful. Thank you !
  2. Bug WORLD EVENT in US SERVER. Boss already dead at mc and elf. But still failed
  3. Please Fix the bug in DG32. SO MUCH DAMAGE received only by the Automatic Posion/burn damage in dg. No one can winstand/survive that damage😅
  4. Better understand why they did that, total of 30% of Physical Strength will be remove to Seeker. And they want some Seekers to use 2h Wpn in PVP or PVE. This skill changes is to improve the hero in War battles.
  5. Poco X3 and Android version 11.1.1 Its ok now i feel it fixed now. I will chat again if happend.
  6. Beastmaster's Moon is so slow attack speed, better if Moon can gain attack speed from Beastmaster attack speed paramaters. As i experience, can't even fight in DPS versus BD, Ranger and Seeker.
  7. Look how BeastMaster looks if you search on Google.
  8. Am I only one experiencing it? Sometimes I can't chat so i need to exit app and open again.
  9. As you can see, physical and magic defence buff is only works if shield is active but the problem is short duration. Increase the duration of the skill by 15-20 seconds because the skill duration is only 12 seconds at max upgrade.
  10. Crushing Will MM Cloth Skill Affects the Damage or Auto Attack of Moon? According to the Skill info it can increase the character skill crit damage by maximum of 30%. Beast Awakening is a skill of Beastmaster so it can increase the crit Auto attack damage of Moon?
  11. In 2nd Skill Summon Beast, You can select 3 kinds of beast but only one can summon at a a time. This beast have different attack, and physical & magical strenght; A. MOON is a tiger with melee range attacks, and have 110% physical and 75% magic strength in max upgrade. B. Tempest is a eagle with 4 yard range attacks that bounce twice , and have 135% magic and 50% Physical strength. C. Frost is a polar bear with melee range attacks , and have 165% Physical strenght. In this 3rd Beast is pure physical strength, so i suggest that Beastmaster can also use Crossbow instead of staff.
  12. It much unpair to other damager heroes, because this skill makes it more op with Stupefying Pain talent. Reduce the skill attack power from 40% to 30% in exchange it gain a buff that can reduce the debuff and stun duration by 30%.
  13. Casting delay of self apply expert skills with 1-20 seconds duration. This casting delay makes me stress🤣, better reduce it because its hard to make them active together like in Beastmaster have 3 expert buffs with not much duration. Please adjust it, Thank you!
  14. ✓Beastial Rampage: Beastmaster also can gain attack speed and increase it duration by 10 seconds in exchange reduce skill heal and dmage by 5%. ✓ Adjust the reduction of the damage skill Chain Lightning, as i observed the damage of the near end bounce is 0. ✓Increase the movement speed of the Moon in Return skill also the moon can die even you use the Return. ✓Increase the duration of the Moon touch debuff by 2 seconds in exchange reduce magic power. ✓Soul Connection (Passive) the effect should be vice versa, if the BM heal a total of 10% by potion or steal health the hp the Moon will heal too by 2-5% of the hp of Moon. ✓Order to Attack, instead of increasing the next attack by 25% better if the moon will attack 2-3 times rapidly(90% atk speed) to a target. ✓Forest Symbol must have a continues damage 5% of magic/physical damage every second, so Moon will attack it automatically.
  15. Xjhazx


    I think its better to see how many percentage of amplification success in every items and amp level. And better increase Amp. Success once u use to many signs and def or dmg 3 depending on item and amp level, high amp lesser increase.
  16. I this new category will help almost all of the players in Warspear Online. For example, player X lvl 20 seeking a party in Rg easy to help him, he can easily find a party not just spaming chat on worldchat. You can see the title of the party and also what hero they need in party like tank, support or damager. The party seeker titles should be in list form for a better and easier view. You can just click the request button JOIN in party then wait for the leader to accept it or can change settings to freely join. I think this is so helpful so please try to make it possible. Thank you!
  17. I'm hoping the same way, because only a pair of mermen gears have skills.
  18. You can go there easily and kill them once you have good amp. of Sea wpn and gears, and having sea speed boots also MM reputation.
  19. As I experienced in playing Warspear Online in almost 3 years, getting few gold drops like 1 gold in monsters feels tiresome, also gives delay in playing so some player also me don't mind of getting it. I suggest to make it automatically added to your gold bag for more efficient way of playing. That's only my suggestion about it. I hope you do something about it, Thank you!
  20. Not a damage reduction bro, only attacks. Try to test it undestructable object have aoe damage like Rg Heroic and some area near in Ponti bosses, Seeker will die easily if u stay a little longer because the damage is not reduce. Try to use it in Elm Raid Boss, instant one hit if Boss use painful aoe attacks so support minion and buffs is a must to use.
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