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  1. Lol he said 5pcs pocket he sell but wrong put he was trying if i click the ok tab. I think you and fadly is close :)
  2. Im buying pocket 5pcs for 42.5k but look what he put lmao :) beware to this guy. :yahoo:
  3. keep posting here guys thanks :) :drinks:
  4. Its ok dude, we dont need you here :)
  5. IM SELLING ITEM JUST PM ME IN GAME IF YOU WANT TO BUY. Abyss zealot baton = 35k(sold)
  6. Good thanks for info. Please post all here the scammer people so devs will notice this. I hope scammer will ban
  7. And pls make action to our post and clean all the scammer zzzzzzz. Asap
  8. Guys please post all here all the scammer so everyone will be aware thanks.
  9. Please roll back all the bug sign user thanks.
  10. Thanks bro keep sharing and make screenshot too.
  11. Ok guys ill post here all the scammer . Please be careful! Before u sell or trading item to them. :dirol:
  12. Please fix this im playing warspear not a lagspear. More dc than playing and its not good anymore . Always die doing quest *z* i hope you fix this as soon as possible.thank you
  13. Im mc but i see the diff between mc and elf . Most elfs have teamwork more than mc
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