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  1. After playing for a while in the MC-side i've decided to try out the sentinel classes and also change environment a bit by trying out the sentinels. However, i wanted to ask what are some of the fun classes to play? Not too expensive and not too boring
  2. Yeah, i've read the russian forums on this topic and i must say its sad that such and interesting class is abandoned Oh well back to the hunter class i guess
  3. Is warlock overall a good class? What are its pros and cons and how well does he perform both as a solo class and a team player? It looks like a fun class with an interesting style and i want to try it
  4. Why is it that shops in MC side are so scarce? Is it due to low player rate in legion side?
  5. To be fair all of my ability ideas are indeed hot garbage, but it was never intended to be a serious push for developers to release them, i just think that hunter feels old, with those abilities feeling a bit basic (excluding the hunter's mark). Then again it might be only my point of view, not everyone's. Or i'm just overthinking it
  6. I must say i wouldn't be writting this topic since playing hunter nowadays is same as eating salt as your lunch but i have tried DK, shaman, hell i've even been on the elf side but wherever i went i would always return to my big shotty. Now as the title says, i'd like to ask either to remake some of the abilities for hunter or create a few new expert abilities since getting one shotted by rangers, bosses and exwhateverhisnameis is not exactly my kink. Since it causes continuous damage instead i'd like to offer a sudden burst that arrives with a bit of time, something like: A skill that costs me a kidney (active) Adds a debuff on an enemy that after 30 seconds "detonates" and deals 5/10/15/25% of damage dealt by hunter and hunter only Also can we get a passive like rangers have because i am way too lazy to click more than once i mean its hard stuff out there. So, i offer the council this abomination: Critical moments (passive) With each attack increases critical chance and critical damage, resets after each enemy. Or just remake mountains instinct (not really recommended though). Also why do we get an ability to reduce damage taken? I mean i in fact love such abilities since staying alive = good but it's a minor reduction so maybe just add a tiny self heal skill instead of it: Battle bandages (active) Heals Or (this is solely based on the DK character) add a vampirism ability that reduces damage dealt or strips armor ir cost of having those sweet sweet green numbers appearing before yer eyes aye? Or just buff the former ability Lastly, i think that giving some sort of debuff may help to give your party a feeling of you actually being here, but my ideas ran out around here. P.S. can we create a character called "Gambler". His abilities would be based on pure luck and i really need a character that i could claim to be "the worst" on aye? P.S.S. Sorry if it won't make a lot of sense i'm an expert at making things as complicated as possible
  7. Ah, my bad. I meant what are the pros and cons of charmer and same for the Death Knight, letter anagram has triggered my monkey senses
  8. What are the pros and cons of these two forsaken characters and who is better for solo/teamwork synergy? Side question: do you still need chainless league respect for berengers tower difficulty levels?
  9. Hi, i wanted to ask for recommendations of expert hunter skills, since it's my first time ever buying one. What would you recommend for starters and if so, why? Thank you in advance
  10. I see, thank you for the answer
  11. Is it possible to go bear 4/5, AoE 4/5 and speed 5/5?
  12. I see, thank you for your tips!
  13. For a long time i have wondered the depths of forums, searching for the best solo class and among all the healers i found something else. Warden class. Yet i sit and hesitatate. Should i choose charmer, i might have the same chance as with warden to survive harsh enviroment that is warspear. So i ask you, humble reader, should i choose warden or should i go for something more spicy?
  14. Im sorry for not stating something. As from my last topic i wanted to learn the way to solo this game. But when someone recommended warden i saw that blade dancer was another option. Having solo strategy in mind i somehow managed to forget this crucial thing in this topic. So once again i shamelessly will ask again: Which one is better at the PvE solo departament, Warden or Blade dancer?
  15. Matotuxs

    Solo PvE

    Hello, I would like to know which characters are best for solo players such as me. I usually like playing RPG games solo and in other games this strategy is pretty manageable. I picked hunter in hopes of clutching it but the more i played the more i realized this is very ineffective to play as a solo player. Especially due to elites having way too much hp for my flimsy crossbow. So instead of finding friends and actually being social i just want to know best solo characters. Or maybe there is an alrernative for the hunter? I would like to know your opinions.
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