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  1. IMO devs shouldn’t gave sentinel side a warlock with heavy armor since mc has a lot of stuns wich they are useless since resist came out, elf and chosen got resist skill mage/bd/warden and a lot of dmg, rip mc with poor barb with 1/4 resist skill

    Also only necro has shield and overall every mc classes have worse dmg than sentinel side because mc has a lot of stuns that not work as before because resist as I mentioned, that’s why they are always favourite pick from players in pve and pvp wich they focus more on dmg and resist they don’t needed templar 🤷‍♂️

  2. 2 hours ago, RayCideN said:

    Well, I was thinking about it and maybe we need a "Charmer" in the Firstborns and a "Mage" in the Forsakens. If you think that all classes have a "twin" on the other side, only the Charmer and Mage don't have one:


    BD = Chieftain

    Ranger = Hunter

    Druid = Shaman

    Warden = Brb

    ??? = Charmer

    Paladin = DK

    Mage = ???

    Priest = Necro

    SK = Ladin

    Templar = Warlock


    So, my question for all of you is: What do you think about Beast Tamers in the Firstborns and Spiritualists in the Forsakens? 😏😍

    Spiritualist for firstborn and exorcist for forsaken

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