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  1. Um Homem-Banana? Um monstro delicioso? Não mesmo! Essa banana maluca simplesmente saiu de um experimento Mal feito na região de Tecnopolis (Alguém pare essa Banana!).
  2. A descrição do Traje pode envolver parte da história do Warspear ou é melhor criarmos uma descrição do 0?
  3. É permitido um único participante enviar várias Roupas?
  4. Well, let's go! First of all I would like to thank you for these improvements, but I don't clearly see a benefit at all. I wanted to know more about the wizard: Many say that this class is very strong in group situations and their area damage skills, in fact, are right .But removing attributes that make the class so coveted is too big for a correction without warning. It is arguable the fact that the game has an overload of wizards, but from the moment you reduce energy regeneration and its accuracy in the "Eye of the dragon" skill and Simply destroy the differential of the classes with shield, the "Ethereal barrier" ability "it becomes a simple shield. I wanted more answers about the future situation of the class.I propose a simple but effective solution for these two skills: The "Eye of the Dragon" ability could be modified in the energy question using a percentage of the damage of the person using the skill and in terms of accuracy, it would be interesting to have a chance to increase it and with the development of the skill, the chances increase. As the barrier, it would be simpler to increase the number of skills for her to activate.Since now, I thank you for the improvements and I hope you will return this message.
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