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  1. Then you run Joking apart, I guess that any classes skills won't be implemented with this mentality ,you know? Put yourself as a seeker against a warlock, what is he gonna do? Or against a charmer or even a shaman, rogue.. You see? Hey @Vlec, ask Tiago or Netslayer to teach you how to improve your gameplay, they gave me a hard time in the 2x2. The lack of opponents in the 32 rank and your safe farming and planned ranks may be rusting your skills.
  2. Faz, ele entra em modo de combate sem o pot caos. O pot caos ativo burla isso e permite que ele teletransporte. A única maneira sem pot caos é passando tela, mas atrasa muito e não da tempo de ir até a bandeira. Eu fiz, eu testei, está em vídeo e está óbvio que é um "furo" na programação, ou bug, como preferir chamar.
  3. First of all this game is not about x1 . You can deal with a BD+other sentinel depending on your duo ond x2 queue, x3 queue, x5 etc as well as you can't beat it depending on your duo or his duo. It's about your and his party. AAAND about the point of view you misunderstood what I said. I was saying that it's funny and/or weird the "then and now" situation of the warlock versus Blade dancer duel.
  4. Nolan, boa noite. Com ajuda de um DK verificamos que quando ele utiliza a Maldição Do Cavaleiro em um jogador da facção inimiga sob efeito da Poção do Caos o jogador inimigo(elfo) ainda consegue usar o Pergaminho de Teletransporte para o centro das cidades mesmo sob o debuff aplicado pelo DK. É fato que um jogador não deveria poder usar o Pergaminho de Teletransporte sob debuff(modo de batalha). De alguma forma, sob efeito do Pote do Caos ou "passando tela" o jogador está deixando o modo de batalha MESMO SOB DEBUFF. Com isso a Legião consegue derrubars as bandeiras elfas sem mesmo um membro da Legião entrar na cidade. Tentando contornar o problema por nossos meios diversos jogadores Sentinelas usaram a Poção do Caos na Batalha por Territórios para tentar inibir isso. Porém obiviamente falhamos pois entre centenas de jogadores torna´se impraticavel encontrar um sob debuff. Sou um grande fã do jogo, jogo desde 2014, não duvido que darão atenção a essas notas que estamos prestando e se estamos é apenas para o bem da comunidade(que inclusive está se degladiando nas redes sociais por causa desse "BUG" e o da Benção) e direcionando HATE a empresa sem ao menos ter a consideração que temos de lhes notificar.
  5. I think it is a good idea, a punishment for resisting haha Man that really sounds cool and not OP. Maybe Im just too excited but I really do not see any balance problem with your idea.Did you already suggest that in the Forum? @Khrone
  6. Forsaken Mirror Applies the Forsaken Mirror effect to the Warlock for some seconds.Any negative effect applied to the warlock is also applied to the enemy.If the enemy resist to the Forsaken Mirror the warlock will also resist resist to the next negative effect. Also thought about if too op "also resist to the next negative effect" maybe replacing this to a DoT.
  7. It's funny or weird depending on the point of view 'cause before the last 2 skills updates on BD(Rush 100% resist and resist stacks) I personally used to kill a full greatness lvl 26 BD with a lvl 3 staff and some decent cooldown and it would not even touch me. But...back to the topic try to use Pool of darkness (yes he'll resist to its effect)+Dark Circle+Weakness Zone in its path and if the guy rush on ya become a Stone ^^ And get your fingers ready to apply Fear and make sure to keep distance even the guy say you're a runner . It's good to have the defensive relic that gives you a resist if the enemy denies your fear too and the one that increase your Cooldown rate if the enemy denies your skills effects.
  8. I read every single comment before and I keep my point. And your suggestion is to give similar mechanics to both sides.That doesn't make sense at all once the Legion has better defensive options.The different mechanics and skills are part of the game dynamics.You better learn to explore your strength and stop complaining about your weakness.There was a problem with the mages aura, shield mechanics and with the wardens survivability. We just got this Recent Update.First thing the dev team needs to see is how things will roll from now on.And then and just then, if your pointed "issues" show up relevant enough then they may find a solution. In other case, "copying" stuff makes no sense.That's my point.
  9. I bet they don't. This became basically a guild topic, once most of these guys up there are from the same guild. Back to the topic, depending on how this rework on legion skills to get their so wished mobility, we should bring to the table taking off or "nerfing" their area stuns(warlock, shaman), area silence(warlock or the dk one) and area fear(necro and hunter).Im not even talking about the slowering effect of the necro rain or area dmg of warlock. I don't know what you guys plan on this but I'd like to remember once the legion fit its stuns and skeletons on the set, sentinels do have a big problem.
  10. Thank you developers team for continuing to improve the game despite the 1 star childish raids and the agressive feedback of some toxic players.Also LOVED the dev commentary section.Please keep it up!
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