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  1. When war in server us? In CEST?
  2. How much dmg poison when lvl 1 to 5? How much dmg can absorb by bone shield from lvl 1 to 5?
  3. Yeah, after reduce 14% hp bos, u cant get reduce hp bos yeah? This skill only useful, when bos have 100% hp yeah? If not 100%, u dont get reduce hp bos from skill deathly eye?
  4. So, deathly eye can reduce hp boss once? Only when hp bos max?
  5. So, deathly eye can reduce health of bos when bos have max hp?
  6. Nakahy


    How much max % stat dodge rogue can reach in warspear?
  7. Nakahy

    Dodging and kick

    How much u get dodge, when u leveling skill dodging from 1 to 5? And how much duration of skill kick in back from lvl 1 to 5? Thanks
  8. Ty very much bro What must i buy first? Expert skill or equipment?
  9. So, i must choose aura of hatred for my first expert skill?
  10. Im newbie in this game. What must i choose for my first expert skill for dk? I want to be a tank Ty
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