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    Deltaman got a reaction from ColdFootedMole in New necro skill: "PANIC"   
    Ye bishes an fagits mE agre 1000% nub skil sux dix fak trush yu knw I upd an nub skil pls fixxx
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    Deltaman reacted to acelock in Cooldown time of elf expert skill   
    I agree elf's cool down times on experts are way shorter than some of mcs regular skills cool down. Lower some mc cool down like shams or barbs not all classes need a lower cool down. Or make some of the elves cooldown a bit higher. Because in arena druids can just keep us frozen the entire match.
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    Deltaman reacted to Djfromhell in Fix rendering!   
    Player rendiering(or i think thats it) is broken.I use acid rain on mobs nobody get hurt,rogue jumps from across the map,bd hits you from bigger range then ranger.Its just broken and need fix badly.
    Or if u have a fix for it do tell.
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    Deltaman reacted to Jzargo in Add Day-Night Cycle and Some Mini Features   
    Farming, dungeon, questing, trading, arena, war. Do that all everyday, don't you feel bit bored? I have some suggestion to make our life in Arinar become less boring.
    1. Add Day-Night Cycle

    Almost every game have day-night cycle, so why not implementing this on WS. Maybe someone want to selfie at dusk or date with their couple at night
    Each factions recieve minor buff (increase 1% all stats) in different times:
    -Chosen & Mountain Class receive buff at "Day"
    -Firstborn & Forsaken receive buff at "Night"
    -Dawn & Dusk are neutral time
    Each cycle last for 30 minutes, so 1 day only take 2 hours
    2. Fishing

    Some games also implement fishing. We can buy fish's bait in NPC, we can eat the fish or sell it to NPC. This will be new way to farming gold, good for newbies who aren't strong enough to farm in Ayvondil.
    Fishing skill can be leveled up just like crafting skill,  the higher your fishing skill the higher percentage you will get rare fish and more frequent you will get fish.
    Devs also can add new achievment "Pro Fisher" you must fishing for 1000 times.
    3. Arena Spectator

    When you out of ticket and have nothing to do, and you want to watch other players match, or you want to watch PvP in cave but all you see are gankers? this is the "Arena Spectator", like another game you can watch avaliable match. When you become spectator you can't chat. There will be added 3 buttons. Previous, Next, and Quit.
    Devs also can add arena betting, 5 sec before battle spectators can bet. But with the lose party, AFK, etc. this arena bet will be hard to be implemented.
    4. Pet

    Many people have suggested this pet feature. Some suggestion from old topic & from me:
    -Pet can take loot from monster and have their own bag
    -Pet only as a fashion
    -Pet can alarm you when there are enemies nearby
    it can be brought through miracle shop or get from events or dungeon.
    Common pet will be: rabbit, eagle, boar, wolf, panther, etc.
    Some epic pet will be: Little Midnight Owl, Baby Kronus , Hydra jr., Spawn Jr. , and you can add it yourselves.
    5. Mini Games

    Are you bored waiting free arena ticket, stamina, or crafting? why not spend your time by playing mini games in tavern while drinking velvet beer. Invite your friend in party or play against NPC to play mini games like poker, solitare, blackjack, go fish, chess, snake & ladder, etc.
    6. Add New Craft Profession: Alchemist/Brewmaster/Potion Mixer

    At low level you can only craft : buff stat pot, hp/mp pot, invisible ink
    At high level you can craft : unity pot, gladiator, exp pot, permanence, chaos.
    7. Housing

    Just like another game, you can build your own home and decor your own furnitures. Inside house there will be Second-Hand Dealer, Guild warehouse, Repairer (kinda useless). You can invite your friend to come in your house, and only player in your friend list that can come to your house. You can make it as a hangout place, basecamp for your bros, meeting, party to celebrate guild tour/arena tour etc.
    8. Marriage

    No effect wether you married or not. My suggestion, marriage is only as a status, nothing more. There will be announcement in world chat like dungon drops announcement. Maybe devs can add some icon in the couple's inspection status, maybe some ring icon.

    9. Mount

    Pic: My Skull Guy character riding Sommara-bro in East Caravan.
    In my opinion, mount should be mounted only in neutral zone (the pic is in caravan tho) like in some Ayvondil areas. When you reach war zone or accidentally hit by mobs it will automatically dismounted by itself. You can't use any skill while riding a mount.
    That's all my useless suggestion. Just like what I said, this suggestions are only for fun, many things need to be fixed first.
    I only want to make world of Arinar become more colorful and less plain.
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    Deltaman reacted to Ninja Owl in GUESS WHO'S BACK   
    I do remember you, my Swedish friend!
    But do you remember me?
    Anyhow, you'd be better off asking someone else about the game, since Pluto was still a planet when I last played. All I can tell is that bladedancers are supposedly overpowered as duck,
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    Deltaman reacted to Corona virus in GUESS WHO'S BACK   
    Was hoping itll be pvprange
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    Deltaman got a reaction from Jigsaw-PZ in ( Forum game ) Ask the person below you a question.   
    Of course I would run around completelly naked and fap occasionally on strange places. 
    Or maybe find a decent home, search for necessary items, and then try to survive as long ass possible. And fap occassionally.
    If you could travel to any place on earth on a free vacation, what place would that be?
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    Deltaman got a reaction from vaibhavtiwari in Bladedancers new skill after maintaince   
    That is not possible. You need to spend 10 sp on basic skills before you can spend sp on expert skills.
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