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  1. i say critical more. and just add penet in ring. ::)
  2. I'm sad to see many players quit especially lvl20s because they got bored and stuck. we want update now!!! please tell us the release date of ayvondil and lvl30 cap. :aggressive: :aggressive:
  3. lol :rofl: :rofl: racing from t1 to nadir good idea :rofl: and farming merchant nadir wat do they drop :shok: I will check :dirol:
  4. please tell us RELEASR DATE of AYVONDIL MAP AND LVL30 cap. :nea: we lvl20 are bored. need new fun . and I see many old players leave the game. :'(
  5. we want ayvondil map now. swamp and irslenort is boring :facepalm: :facepalm: many players will quit if u will not tell us the date release of ayvondil map!!! :facepalm: JUST TELL US THE DATE OF RELEASE!!!! TY DEVS
  6. please release ayvondil now and lvl30 cap. we are stuck at lvl20 and really bored. :cray: :cray: gm make it fast pls. :facepalm: :facepalm:
  7. please tell date of 3.8 update release date. we stuck at lvl20, we want new! :clapping:
  8. wtf man? of course I didn't accept the deal because he is trying to scam. he said 15k first. if he get coins he will give another 15k. so I say NO. "I will do captive". :facepalm:
  9. in this picture I said I did not get your gold. and I said to do captive. I also tell you to use xshamy so we can talk :facepalm:
  10. here is another proof HE IS BUYING COINS FROM ME. I TOLD HIM I DONT BUY COINS SO I SAID "I DO CAPTIVE". he also saidhe will pay gold as half. :facepalm: 15kgold from revengerxx and 15k from xshamy. this clearly show he break rule from EULA? :pleasantry:
  11. go upload it. u try to buy 300coins for 15k and u said coins first so I said "I don't buy coins" :wacko:
  12. OK go upload your screenshots. it say that you want me to buy coins. and you will pay 10kgold
  13. this revenge is my old friend xshamy who always buy sign of imperishability from me. and today she ask me if I can buy coins for her. :facepalm: :facepalm: she said she will pay 10k first(from revengerxx) and (20k from xshamy) what will you do with this devs. please make a quick action cause they are bullying me. u can check screen shots and to see that he beg for my coins. :wacko:
  14. give another 10chests >:D I got junks :aggressive: :aggressive: quest items
  15. tankvayne


    stuck again :shok:
  16. can be better if name change will be available as scroll too. not all players can buy coins so this will help. ::)
  17. ;D I think it will be good if there will be gender change option. ::)
  18. oh thank u. I just got scared because my lvl19 is not done chain less but equipped with +8 kw set. and doom blades. thanks for the info. :give_rose: :good: maybe I will complete chain less and six shadows when I'm strong enough as lvl20 8)
  19. what instaban? :shok: u mean I get ban if I use kw set without chain less league done? :'(
  20. tankvayne


    is it only me having stucked at connecting screen? :cray: :cray: I want to play now
  21. tankvayne


    maybe u post it in wrong page. try in question&answer page. :pardon:
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