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  1. 4 minutes ago, Shinn said:

    When will you guys fix this appearance issue on every costume? I've sent ticket and devs said that they are aware of the issue, yet they didnt fix it since like 2014


    they know, but they don't care.
    the same happens with the bug that is not cleaning the old nicks.

    these two bugs I'm tired of sending emails and they've said a thousand times that they'll check, but they never do anything

  2. the funniest thing is that when you newbie look at the attack, defense and support bars when creating an account, if you are going to test them they are inconsistent with reality. the ranger was supposed to be the class with the most damage in the game, but we all know that this theory is only in the bars when creating account clearly a chieftain, hunter, mage, warlock, seeker, bladedancer has more damage than a ranger, doubt? create all of these lvl 1 classes and test. aigrind, if you can put some logic in, correcting the above thank you, not to mention that ranger is a hunter who does not have full stun, he should have more avoidance aigrind please rebalance bd and rogue, the bd's anti stun is ridiculous, as is the dodge of rogue + hp recovery. thanks

    Please, buff the Rangers. The Rangers need buff

  3.  Rogues, in their beginning, are the masters of stealth, with good damage and dodging, typical hidden, agile and so on.


    I believe that rogue should have a higher movement speed while in stealth mode, as well as seekers, who in my view seekers do not have such an obligation in their principle as rogues have

  4. let's compare? shall we nerf the patron of the druid then? because healing 3 or 4x more of the hp's goodness is not stolen? shall we nerf the magician? because in addition to having the same skill as the rogue, only newskill, there is the barrier that teleports you to another dimension and your basic defense buff shall we nerf the seeker? who has the harad shield and the same skill to recover hp from rogue? let's go to the bd? that has 3 stacks of anti stun? besides the possibility of having a full stun build? are we going to the ranger that gets high precision, dodge in addition to incredible damage? not counting the traps? let's go to the paladin, who in addition to healing, has high damage in area and in pvp, you can see in the arena, how much that shield that surrounds him tanka, is unbelievable from being so stolen. the rogue's essence is to dodge, taking the rogue's dodging power is the same as taking the essence of a tank tank or healer to heal look, I could spend the whole day talking about so many classes that deserve nerf, which are all, or almost all ... the difference is that some players only look at their navel and complain about various classes, because they want their own class to always be the most buffeted

  5. Esse assunto foge um pouco ao meu conhecimento, mas queria informar que uma vez eu não conseguia entrar no warspear utilizando meu Wi-fi e liguei pra operadora e não adiantou nada, mas todos outros sites, jogos e aplicativos funcionavam perfeitamente. Depois, procurando muito na internet, descobri que o problema era relacionada a uma "porta", então liguei pra operadora e pedi pra que verificassem a tal porta, eles disseram que iam verificar e fizeram umas alterações e poucas horas depois eu estava jogando warspear 🙂


    talvez o problema que aconteceu tenha alguma relação com isso que já passei.


    Akasha, venho aproveitar pra pedir, se possível, pra terem uma atenção com a exclusão de nicks não utilizados, pois estou aguardando a exclusão de dois Nicks que esqueci o email e já tem mais de 5 anos que estou esperando, um de um lvl 23 e outro de lvl 2



  6. 3 hours ago, samir10 said:

    Did you really remove a category that gives imperials to different levels every season with a daily reward mode?? 


    + theres a daily reward mode already which is 5x5 you want us to spend 3-4h everyday getting 25 win in 5x5 and the new 3x3 mode?? 

    imagine how many chars each one of us have and how much time it will need to finish 25 win for all of them..  


    "something entirely new" > *removing seals and accessories* *adding new ugly costume*.

    waiting new season for this lame "update".

    I agree.
    suggestion. remove random 3x3 or stamps forever and put crucible in place, without giving imperials. put double imperials for 5x5

    imagine the time it takes to go 25x each arena a day, outside events, towers. we all have life

  7. The player icefinx and drdantes ( the same Guy) buy the accs drseeker and drsacer, now he dmd in arena with both accounts at same time to take advantages, i already send email to the support, can you verify ? Cause the arena dont back in rank If he wins


    Is the #3 owner of the accounts


  8. please make sure that the odd level arena cannot demand in any rank other than yours for example, is it fair for a lvl 15 to participate in 15-16 and farm with lvl 13, preventing the lvl 16 arena from killing them? is it just a lvl 9 farm with lvl 6, take points in rank 7-10 and prevent lvl 10 from killing them?


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