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  1. Who care about reseller? Xd i made 200k a week by reselling 🤣🤣 if you not care about them then you already fail to understand the price change and everything i already said up there... many ppl here understand what i said xd try open up a lil bit . As i said i already felt it happened back in 2014 when atlantica gold value went down 10000% just beware xd
  2. Gold doesnt run this game? Well they do... also you you think price is always based on mcoin user? Haha no... there are reseller, when many people buy signs for 12k and make sign supply rare on the market, there will always this one guy who will buy sign for 13k to be prioritized and then after that the reseller will follow the trend of 13k prices, and when the normal price change to 13k and yet again the sign becomes rare at some point there will be another guy who will purchase the sign for 14k and those reseller will follow the trend... and so on, i dont think you quite understand how the g
  3. https://youtu.be/pkRJWpw-6x0 look here for the cost of amping axes arena lvl 29... So you think ppl playing this game isnt ppl in real world? Also you said sign on eu lowered because it follows he demand supply theory... what makes u think it wont work the same? Xd funny. You need to know ppl in ws is no different than ppl irl bcs they are also ppl in real world behind the screen
  4. 1h lvl 29 arena weapon only take 405 from +9... so might be only the 2h takes much gold... so its surely not really gonna make any difference at all
  5. And it still wont keep up with the gold growth... also you said botting isnt an issue? I know many bot player now who sells gold for real money which rated 1usd = 40k-50k despite the complicated system because they have to locate the monster so they can loot the gold... imagine if we dont have to loot? Imma just go to ayvo wit my high lvl mage and use simple auto clicker to use area skills and boom... i got da gold by just sleeping... botting is always enemy in ths game eversince long ago Ps.. amplifying +9 Staff of Cathrasis goin to +10 only take 867 gold, +9 mermen armor lvl 32 goin to
  6. Right... and currently the only system exist to destroy the gold is buying item from NPC which we rarely or most likely never use, selling items to dealer which need gold and also need to pay the fee if item sold. Deleting ur acc wit all the gold. Using boat to change map... and as far as i can tell it wont keep up with the gold all players made
  7. To be more specific... the easier we get the gold then that means there will be a lot of change on the society economic flow... like some people who dont have enough gold to buy 1 set sign (with 14k prices) within 3 days... now he can get those 14k within 2-3 days... the consumer will went up significantly whilst the goods/stuff u say like sign,dmg,rune,chest etc will be constantly the same... as you said classic supply and demand, if it is easier to get gold many ppl in game would have much gold and they will need to spend it (demanding goods) whilst the goods quantity would verymuch stays th
  8. If there is too much gold in circulation then the value of gold will also decreases. This explanation of inflation is called the demand-pull theory, and is classically defined as "too much money chasing too few goods." I have read my book and have learned my lessons in many online game such as Atlantica Online ID back in 2014
  9. Definetly not... and my reasoning is: 1. it will be easier to bot around 2. The more simpler we get the gold means that there will be more gold In circulation. And lemme explain a little bit on this, we might be have more gold in our bag and the negative effects from this wont kick in right away... but in the long term as the gold keep getting more and more common the prices of stuff will also went up (there will be inflation). One of the example we felt right now in Elf side EU-Emerald is sign prices goes down to 11-12k because there is too many sign in the market that makes the v
  10. What is lvl 2 partnership
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