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  1. So let me ask some question Will the one who capture guild castle gain more power?
  2. I saw a seeker class here Does it has passive skill such as dual wielding?
  3. Hey GM,today i got the answer for my ticket (Recovery account) i've been waiting for it and was very happy to get the reply,but it was dissapointing all i got was (please update your game versions), so i updated it,but the outcome was the same,all the days i've spent waiting was for nothing,can't you just return my acc? I'm on my arena season and already lost my rank because of it,please help me seriously,and to other moderator i really apreciate your help and response but please don't lock this topic,atleast until GM answer it
  4. Singed

    I need help fast

    Hello there gm, its been around 5 days since you answer my ticket,and i've already replied as soon as you reply it,so please help me,i'm on my arena season now...
  5. GM please answer my ticket, i really need it fast, because im on my last arena season #thankyousomuch
  6. Singed

    Help me

    Hey gm i just sent ticket from my mail, could you please answer it asap? [email protected]
  7. Well i just wanted him to get muted, doesnt have to be a month
  8. He is really make me angry when he bring out my parents in it Shouldn't brought parents in it..
  9. Singed

    Well thanks

    I want to say thanks for understanding gm's,with this my problem is finally finish.. I've already sent my ticket from my other email just now....well happy newyear
  10. Singed

    What should i do?

    No more likely they didnt answer my first ticket that have a full information of the acc,and they answer the Third ticket i sent this following month,btw that first ticket i sent 4 years ago,well i can provide as much information as IP address,From where bought mcoin,and the Last place that character is before lost,and more likely when i lost that account,well it's been four years i dont remember much,if devs can search over my ticket 4 years ago,there should be enough evidence,but it is too much to ask
  11. Singed

    What should i do?

    Well hello,good morning Please hear my story.... I have a character lvl 13 ranger in some account,but sadly i lost that account around 4 years ago,i have an important stuff in that account that i really want to take,i've already sent my ticket to support section,and they are kindly answer me,i already provide as much information as i could but the kind support devs still need more information,i've ever sent a ticket too right after that account is lost,but for that one the devs never answered,so here i want to ask, what should i do? Please help me NB:that ranger in EU emerald I can give ip address and all the email that i used to send ticket,i just forgot the information
  12. We wont complain if it was only hassn that respawned,the problem is....hassn give a really many set life scroll to AoA rogue and any strong rogue in war,why don't we just disable the life scroll when War comes?,why...are you too lazy to change the system?then you better stop being developers
  13. thats why i said "if i were gm i will take the fastest way to slove it,ignoring it will causing more problem and wasting time.
  14. Who the fck are tryin to be funny?,you really didnt have a life for playing and even begging to them like this,u say this is your hard work in many years? Lol youd better work hard in real life not in a game like this,fck that "i will wait even it takes a year" its a prove that you got no life
  15. If i were an game master i won't waste my time talking about this shit,i would find the fastest way to slove the problem.and i please stop saying "stay lvl 11,Don't blame devs"please at least try to think on this person feeling,he is really fcked up right now,he got no life man...
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