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  1. They should've write it in the description (the 20% cap) so i wont end up buyin somrthing relic that is not work as they said in the description... like this one 🙂... i get what i pay y see, its better to say it like Terrible relic of life weakness that said only 1500 hp max can be reduced. So in conclusion, even if what you said might be true at some point... it is still wrong to not include the capping in the description...
  2. That relic only has 15% chance to activate, also if you have 20 ppl rather than wait all the player activate the relic, they better kill the boss... faster, also its useless... why? Because the relic reduce 5% max hp cap every 5 second... so to make it continiously at its max... you only have 5 sec to activate that relic... so all your and that mods reasoning are not right in any way :x
  3. You dont get what. i mean there is my relic activated 2 time continiously so the health bar didnt reset. Remember the word "continious", the effect got renewed before the effect dissapear, so the rotting activated around 35 second without stoping, so according to the description it should reduce 35% the max health cap before it restarted back to 100%
  4. #savedelicious Even though some of your members blocked lvl 16 dg for no reason... this is still a sad story
  5. And also you need to consider how to cross, and with that you will have a smaller viewpoint
  6. I didnt complain about the hp goes back to normal if the debuff expired and it restarted back from normal maximum health, i know about it the same as necro skills, but the thing is the debuff didnt stop for 35s so it should be reducing 35% of its health, and no i cant solo boss.. that relic has 15% chance of activating which is pretty rare to activate it once... let alone continiously (before thr first debuff ends) considering our skill cool down and etc, so activating continiously is also pretty much luck and rare.
  7. Yes and thats why it didnt work as its said in the description, dont you think you should add "maximum 20% hp reduced"? It didnt say anything about it, so if it activated continiously it should also reduce based on the time the relic is activated
  8. You dont seem to understand it... the debuff didnt end at all, it goes continiously for 35 second, i renewed the debuff before the first one ends, so it didnt end at all for 35 second
  9. It didnt answer my problem, the thing is, my relic activated 35 second without stopping. So it should reduce the 35% HP bar (not the hp it self) but the result was it only reduced 20% of the max hp bar instead of 35%
  10. Hello, i just used terrible relic of deadly infecton 3 days ago, and i found someting thats not working as its told in the description, it is said to reduce 5% of max hp in every 5 second for 20 second, it didnt say any maximum health cap that would be reduced. The thing is last time my relic activate continously (the relic activate again before the last rotting effect went off) so in total the rotting effect activated about 35s continiously, but the rotting effect just reduce 20% of the health cap/maximum health... is this the way it works or there is some kind of problem?
  11. Then... now imagine a warden... a Dark knight 😱
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